Splinter Cell: Blacklist has side missions and may ship without a main menu

A new user-interface system could let players stay in character throughout Splinter Cell and jump between every single mission and mode with ease ... including the franchise's first attempt at side missions.

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Tolkoto2113d ago

Getting rid of the main menu could help a lot of with immersion.

SybaRat2113d ago

That's what it sounds like....

Son_Lee2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Hopefully the HUD is optional.

Droid Control2113d ago

Can we stop calling this game Spinter Cell?

Lets just call it Blacklist. Cause it sure as hell isn't deserving of the Splinter cell brand.

FarCryLover1822113d ago

This is true. Looks better than Conviction though, but still not enough for me. I'm glad the new gamers are enjoying these games since the Splinter cell and sam fisher I once knew are dead.

Cam9772113d ago

It is quite sad really because most of the good stealth games are dying. EG: Hitman: Absolution didn't touch the originals, it was linear and had a terrible checkpoint system. And Splinter Cell. Sigh...

BattleAxe2113d ago

Splinter Cell: Conviction was a fantastic game, you guys are completely out to lunch. I only had a PS3 when it came out and ended up buying it during a Steam Sale and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. It seems like when a game actually comes out with an intuitive control scheme that critics start sliding out from underneath rocks, logs and garbage piles, saying that the stealth genre is dead.....please....

Cam9772113d ago

Let me guess, they want to sell us the menu as DLC?

FarCryLover1822113d ago

Nah, Ubisoft aren't that low....yet.