Splinter Cell: Blacklist lets you play like a ghost, a gunman, or a panther (GamesBeat preview)

Sam Fisher returns with gadgets, guns, and upgrades that key directly into the way you play, from gunman to ghost to something in-between. If only your opposition keyed in, too.

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Tolkoto2089d ago

Looking forward to this one.

JeffGrubb2089d ago

I play Ghosts, Gunman, and Panther with my cat every day.

JeffGrubb2089d ago

So, is this game worth the $170 special edition that comes with a RC plane?

Son_Lee2089d ago

That's up for you to decide.

JeffGrubb2089d ago

I'm incapable of that sort of decision making.

Sadie21002089d ago

Can't I just play as Sam Fisher?