GamesBeat: Fire Emblem: Awakening is one of the deepest and best 3DS games (review)

GamesBeat's Mike Minotti: Fire Emblem: Awakening completely engaged me while I was playing it, whether I was connecting with its well-written characters or taxing my (limited) intellect as I tried to win a difficult battle while keeping everyone alive. It’s hard to ask for much more from a strategy game, but Awakening goes beyond that by supporting its great mechanics with immersion and beautiful art.

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JeffGrubb2089d ago

Oh god! Oh god! Do want. Do want! WANT!

SybaRat2089d ago

Fiiiiiire EM-BLEM! It's an emblem that is made of FY-YUR!

acronkyoung2089d ago

I really need to get into the Fire Emblem series. Seems perfect for me given my past obsessions with the Shining Force games.

midnightambler2089d ago

This game is going to justify the existence of my 3DS XL

Tolkoto2089d ago

I wish that Fire Emblem bundle came with the XL :/

darkronin2292089d ago

I want the 3DS XL so bad. After playing with the Vita for awhile now, it's hard to go back to the small screen on the regular 3DS.

wita2089d ago

I want to play this! The demo was pretty fun. Love the animations, too.

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