Skulls of the Shogun | VentureBeat review

GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb writes: "Nintendo can release 11 Fire Emblems because the gameplay is timeless. It takes time to figure out if something has that quality, but nothing about Skulls of the Shogun immediately disqualifies it. It’s hard and unfair in the campaign, but that keeps it challenging. Beyond the gameplay, it’s just nice to look at. The battlefields are crisp, and the characters are interesting and colorful."

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Tolkoto2086d ago

What happened to the rest of the Shogun skeleton?

illegalyouth2086d ago

This is a Win 8 exclusive on PC? I don't think that this'll end well.

3-4-52086d ago

it's also on xbox live.....but it's 1,200 MSP which I'm not thriller about.

I'll try the demo at least.

I like the look of the game.

SybaRat2086d ago

Ninja skulls never get the respect they're due.

davidfca2086d ago

Good friend of mine worked on this! It's also mad fun. You should buy it.

barefootgamer2086d ago

I've been interested in turn-based tactical games since XCOM. I might have to give this a shot!