A Couple Areas Where I Think Nintendo Is Ahead Of The Curve

Nintendo's latest financial report shows a status that's far from the phenomenon seen during the Wii's glory days, but Gamers Association contributor Ridge Dermody believes the gaming legend is actually doing a few things better than the competition. Do you agree?

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iamnsuperman2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

You seem to really only label one area and I can think of better areas than day one releases being released at midnight not throughout the day.....

The Nintendo directs are more of a necessity than "ahead of the curve". Nintendo knows it needs to say X game is coming before being over shadowed by new console talk. I really don't expect there to be much of them in the future unless they don't do well at the E3 conferences

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tehpees32178d ago

Apart from the OS (which they are working on) Wii U seems like a very appealing system for core gamers.

It will come down to the library and Wii U has a lot of appealing titles so far. I bet you it keeps it up even after the others come out.

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Godmars2902178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Nintendo's been behind the curve since the N64 and their stubborn refusal to adapt to CDs.

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BullyMangler2178d ago

Sony and Microsoft got awesome exclusives, but they lack evolutionary drive. They are like cyborgs; a robotic race that can imitate but not innovate.

Godmars2902178d ago

I want to say you're wrong, but then if Nintendo hadn't made the mistakes they had with CDs Sony wouldn't have come into the industry and built it up more which brought in MS.

kneon2178d ago

This guy is really grasping at straws. Basically it's about announcing games before E3 and the author likes the time of day at which digital downloads are made available.

Truly ground breaking stuff /s

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