New CoD: Black Ops 2 patch arrives for PS3 to catch up with Xbox 360

El33tonline writes:

"Following on from the release of a similar patch for Xbox 360 owners, title update 1.06 for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on PlayStation 3 has just been launched and is now available to download.

What’s new in the world of Black Ops 2 (well, for PS3 gamers, at least)?"

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Karpetburnz2085d ago

Why does PS3 get a late update?

KillerBBs2084d ago

Why is hit detection better in Space Invaders than BO2, and Space Invaders was made over 30 years ago 1978.

black9112085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Fix Zombies!!!! I hate Glitchers. Also improve Zombie A.I. I'm tired iof players hust running in circles for like 40 rounds. Its boring and cheating. Make it so that the zombies turn around and catch them while running circles or something. All the people I play with just run trains or do a glitch WTF. Wheres the fun or skill.

P.S There Are Even Glitches in Zombie Grief Mode.

berndogskate2085d ago

Does it still freeze up 24/7 ?