Tomb Raider - Arabic Trailer

Check out Nadine Njeim as Lara Croft in the latest Arabic trailer from Square Enix.

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Donnieboi2087d ago

Hmmm, I always did think that the new Lara had a more Mediterranean look about her (olive skin color). She doesn't look Caucasian, rather, she looks more racially ambiguous. The similarities between the character and this actress really brings that out.

Good_Guy_Jamal2087d ago

So the same trailer with an arabic language voiceover? Disappointed. Expected more.

Abdou232087d ago

It's a huge step came out of nowhere, what more did you expect? and if i'm not mistaken they do this with other languages.

Abdou232087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

SO the game will have Arabic conversations too ?! will be nice if other companies followed. I wasn't at all interested in this game, but i may get it just to support that.

RamsesNum12087d ago

yeah for sure its about time. I hope its not only the cut scenes that are dubbed

SnakeCQC2087d ago

i thought the youtube page would be defiled by racist yobs but it wasn't which is nice

NewMonday2087d ago

not their timezone, give them a chance.

Sandmano2087d ago

Youtube is cesspool of racists and other scumbags just because its so commercial and mainstream you get all these types of people who shouldnt even have access to a PC!

Ive noticed game websites are the best place to be...

vanethe2087d ago

lame voice acting i could hardly hear anything..

chukamachine2087d ago

I'm an Arabian knight, my magic carpet is in the cleaners.

As for the cgi graphics, I am hoping soon those graphics will be actual in game.

Sandmano2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

Im Arabic and I could hear everything perfectly. Im actually suprised that his is the first game to do this and how good the dubbing is.


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