Extended God of War: Ascension Super Bowl 2013 Commercial Teaser

Kratos swore an oath in blood to the gods, and ended up losing everything he ever loved.

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sinncross2090d ago

Oh man.. Super Bowl? Sony are going all out with this!

Christopher2090d ago

With a commercial that doesn't sell the game, just the game name. I consider it poor advertising on their part.

Crazyglues2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Yeah I'm sorry, I'm the biggest God Of War fan, but what the hell was that...

Oh, oh... ok just noticed it said Teaser...! so the real commercial the full version hopefully will show game-play and be amazing..

Can't wait to check it out.. I hope it's good because the game looks like it's going to be good... -So it would be nice if they could do a really good commercial for it.


EeJLP-2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

If this is the actual commercial, it's extremely boring and forgettable. Especially during the Super Bowl when every other commercial will be over the top, viral, funny, etc.

Being a teaser though, there's only about 15-20 seconds of actual commerical there, hopefully the other 10-15 seconds helps sell the game and also mentions something about it being on PS3 at the end.

Ads are about $3.5 million per 30 seconds for this year's Super Bowl btw, which is probably about 100,000 GoW: Ascensions sold at full retail $60 after costs. I don't think this teaser as is sells more than 1/5th of that at best.

AngelicIceDiamond2089d ago

Sony's hasn't done anything like this for a while. This by far one of their biggest Sony campaigns as of late.

It is Gow after all one of the biggest Sony games of all time. I expect nothing less when it comes to exposure.

Sony realizes you have to spend money to make money and what a way to do it around a time where people actually LIKE commercials lol.

It's genius.

NukaCola2089d ago

The ashes of his slain family whome he killed, was imbedded into his skin turning him a pale white and he became known as the Ghost of Sparta.

This looks to be a very emotional game. As the GOW series grew, Kratos had become so overly consumed by rage that he almost forgot where he came from or who he was. I am going to enjoy seeing all this from the beginning.

Plus that trailer.....the elephant...that 300 foot snake, I mean this game is going to be the best looking console game this generation.

Outside_ofthe_Box2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

***"With a commercial that doesn't sell the game, just the game name. I consider it poor advertising on their part."***

Exactly, they need to show actual gameplay.

ThatGuy22089d ago

Why are they not doing this with the vita for commercial?

Dir_en_grey2089d ago

I don't get why they spent so much money but show no game play or any sort of in game movie.

You show the name "God of War", people who know the name are already gonna buy it, and will most likely find out about the release date somewhere else.

Show game play or better yet show the in game movies that will wow the people who doesn't know the name in the first place and get their interest to buy the game.

Wish Sony advertisement team would do a better job because they've got a lot of great games/exclusives that people should know about.

zeeshan2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Can't wait to see the full ad. By the way, everyone who is complaining, it is a freakin TEASER! If you can't make sense out of the thing, read up!

I get a very Russell-Crowe-Gladiator-type vibe watching this teaser(which is a good thing!).

SilentNegotiator2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Commercial ******TEASER******

I didn't realize that an Einstein convention was visiting N4G. Come on now, people.

Irishguy952089d ago

Compared to MS.

Sony spend their money on Making games. Not advertising unfortunately. i'd honestly prefer them to split it on Advertising, they need to get more revenue, in the future it will lead to good for both the gamers and Sony as a business. They could make more games and advertise them all if they got more assets.

t0mmyb0y2089d ago

That commercial sucks. How much will that cost to air?

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Dwalls11712090d ago

Now everyone can stop bitching about this....

But superbows tv spots' s GREAT move sony...Ascension will be massive just like all god of was games

kneon2090d ago

"Now everyone can stop bitching about this...."

You must be new here :)

MastaMold2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Full trailer out Friday this is just a teaser people. Good on Sony for buying ad time for the Super Bowl on Sunday

Sent from my PS Vita

Simon_Brezhnev2089d ago

They probably got to censor a lot of the trailer. You know if they show some crazy violence you know the media is blaming gaming for everything nowadays.

charted2089d ago

That teaser reminded me of the movies Gladiator and Troy.

mt2089d ago

for me it was directly to 300

solidt122089d ago

[UPDATE] Sony reportedly set to air trailer for upcoming action game during this weekend's momentous football game; ad to air online and not on TV.

xtremeimport2089d ago

wait...Sony is actually spending money on their advertising?! wow.
Very impressed.

Darth Stewie2089d ago

Super Bowl is Feb 3 but trailer says debut Feb 1 WTH.

yeahokchief2089d ago

I freaking love these live action trailers! Best ads since Kevin Butler. Sony is awesome.

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Y_51502090d ago

Couldn't wait another day to released this couldn't you Sony. XD

SonyNGP2090d ago

As expected. There goes the Heavenly Sword 2/GoW Vita that some people were expecting!

MasterCornholio2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Time to rage against the gods again.


I know :(

Walker2090d ago

Not as bullshit as your comment:)!

this is so cool, can`t wait for 1feb!