Tomb Raider, here is the official trailer in Arabic

New to the series!

For the first time in the history of the franchise, Square-Enix is ready to publish Tomb Raider, the reboot of the series by Crystal Dynamics, also fully localized into Arabic thanks to the dubbing by Nadine Njeim, model and Miss Lebanon 2007, which gave his voice to play Lara Croft.

The trailer, which you can see at the bottom of the article, is the first official which debuted months ago and is now fully localized into Arabic.

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   Tomb Raider - Trailer in lingua araba   

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2086d ago
stone_cold2085d ago

great....because now many Arabians play games

abzdine2085d ago

it has always been the case.

Ezz20132085d ago

i'm from egypt...and i own every console that come out plus gaming pc

Sandmano2085d ago

Im Arabic. Nice recognition from SQUARE but if I did play TR I would play it in English and probably replay it in Arabic. I mean especially TR, that British accent is just too nostalgic. Although Im sure a lot of people will love this feature.

I love that they used the ORIGINAL Arabic dialect and not some countries dialect, because if it was the Lebanese dialect theres no way I would play it...

SnakeCQC2085d ago

this was already posted 5 hours ago by RamsesNum1