9 Awesome Video Game Music Tracks from the 90′s

Game music lately hasn’t had the same impact for us as it did back in the day (apart from say Hotline Miami and Frozen Synapse). Because of this and the fact that the 90′s has replaced (or is replacing) the 80′s as the go to decade for retro themed nostalgia, HalfBeard's HUD's Michael Raston decided to put together a round of unforgettable tracks from those innocent, heavily synthesized days.

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SonyStyled2140d ago

tony hawks pro skater always had good soundtracks in my opinion. the first one released in 1999 if i can remember correctly

mraston2140d ago

I was actually going to include that and Skate or Die (the game whose soundtrack actually got me into hip-hop) but both games soundtracks were composed of "real life" music rather than songs composed specifically for the game.