Sleeping Dogs "Year of the Snake" DLC Trailer And Trophies List Leaked

United Front Games is yet to announced new DLC for Sleeping Dogs, however even before the official announcement, Sleeping Dogs "Year of the Snake" DLC trailer and trophies list has been leaked on internet.

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abzdine2091d ago

can't wait for the free PS+ Sleeping Dogs next week!

RuperttheBear2091d ago

Do you get the DLC as well?

Clover9042091d ago

Of course not, but do the world a favor and support this incredible game by spending a few bucks on the dlc. Sleeping Dogs is incredible, and deserves a sequel.

RuperttheBear2091d ago

I've bought the game already dude, I got it on Steam over Xmas. It's a great game, just wondered if the dlc was included on ps+ because I had ps+.

abzdine2091d ago

no but just to play this game it looks quite nice.

RuperttheBear2091d ago

It's a great game abzdine. One of the best games I played last year for sure.

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BanBrother2090d ago