IGN: Bully: Class is in session - Reading, writing, and 'rithmatics at Bullworth Academy

In Bully: Scholarship Edition you play as Jimmy Hopkins, a delinquent sent to boarding school by his mother and newest step-father. High school is a time of change -- a time for chasing girls, tormenting peers and snubbing your nose at the establishment. Amidst all that, you have regularly scheduled classes. Your morning class runs from 9AM-11:30AM with afternoon classes held from 1PM-2:30PM. Available classes rotate each day, making each class available once a week.

The six classes originally available in Bully on PS2 are back along with four new classes. Each class can be completed five times with rewards handed out for each successful section. While you have the option to play hooky and never attend class, you're going to have a much easier time surviving in Bullworth if you stay in school -- at least for a little while.

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