Nintendo to release fan-favourite Wii U and 3DS games into 2014

If you watched Nintendo Direct last week you'll know that there are plenty of great Wii U games to come in 2013 but the company has told fans to expect many of their favourite titles in this calendar year and beyond.

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EddieNX 2089d ago

It's Funny watching all the PS and XB fanboys stating the 720 and ps4 are going to magically fly off the shelves and destroy the Wiiu.

It seems most people are predicting this. I however think the Wiiu is gunna gain a lot of momentum and become unstoppable.
Round about the time Mario Kart , SMash bros launch.
And the price drops.

At this point the PS3 and 360 will be at the end of their life, and the 720 and ps4 will have just launched with Either a really high price and impressive specs , or a modrate price and Meh specs.

Both ways the Wiiu is well positioned. Do I expect it to sell 100M like the Wii ? no , but it's possible. I expect it instead of burning out quick like the wii did , to gain momentum year on year.

I'm putting my money on Wiiu to sell the most in Gen 8.

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maniacmayhem2089d ago

What's going to be funny is we'll also get a lot of doom and gloom articles for the next Sony and MS systems. And I expect a lot more sympathy for those articles from the usual suspects on N4G than they gave the WiiU.

I agree with your points made. I seriously can't wait to see what they have in stored for Mario Kart. I am praying they return that series to it's once Kart king dominance.

Root2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

No one said it was going to "fly" off the shelves and "destroy" the Wii U just that it will mess with the third party support the Wii U will get, thus making it like what the Wii was to the PS3 and Xbox 360 this gen

Developers will realise they can do more on those consoles then the Wii U and decide to make it equal on two consoles which can handle them.

I don't think any one said anything about the PS4 and Nextbox beating the Wii U in sales or destroying them

stragomccloud2089d ago

I don't really think it's going to mess with 3rd party games so much though. The power difference between Nintendo's system and the next Sony and Microsoft systems won't really be as big as people are expecting. It'll be like PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox all over again. PS2=Wii U, Xbox 720=Gamecube, and PS4=Xbox.

Root2089d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

It won't mess with old third party games or ones coming up but new ones a year or two in the future when all three systems are out it will. Devs will get used to the tec behind the PS4 and Nextbox and will be able to push them consoles more because thats what they've been designed for.

What could happen for example is when we get Elder Scrolls 6 next gen Bethesda might be just doing or have done an Oblivion/Skyrim pack for the Wii U...

I mean I can't see many sequels to third party games being on the Wii U in the future.

Thatguy-3102089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

No point of arguing let's just wait and see. But my question is how will Nintendo convince ppl to get the wii u if the big hitters aren't around the corner?

Nerdmaster2089d ago

They must be the same people who said that Vita would destroy the 3DS.

metroid322088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Your right when the year is up WiiU will be unstoppable it will be far too established by then with 3.1 million sold in 6 weeks that's not shabby and with games like Beyonetta/Pikimin and Xenoblade ect not to mention all the megatons like Metroid/Zelda/Mario/Mariokart ect.

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1upgamer992089d ago

I do not plan on buying a 720, Microsoft has few first party titles that make it a MUST have. Halo, Gears of War,Forza Motor Sport may be great games, but Compared to Sony and Nintendo I don't see how Microsoft is going make it next gen. By the time 720 comes out Wii U is going to have several MUST HAVE titles, and Many more on the way. Also Sony will be beefing up its PS4 big guns. I think Nintendo is in a good place right now. I hope there are a couple more remakes. Eternal Darkness has always been a favorite of mine and I would like to see it with and HD remake, and some gameplay improvements.

FlyingFoxy2089d ago

I have only played some Halo games but seriously, i do not see the fascination.. i played DNF which tons of people hate but it is similar to Halo in a way, the big difference is in damage where it doesn't have those utterly stsupid shields that take ages to kill an enemy.

if you hate DNF you should also hate Halo, but it is the most overrated series EVER, it's so bland.

Back in 02 i had an Xbox bundled with Halo and MGS2, MGS2 was the only game i played for ages.. Halo was a waste and boring.

My FPS fix in 02 was Soldier of Fortune 2 on PC, the online play on that blew away anything on consoles.

1upgamer992089d ago

I agree Halo is way overrated. MGS2 was better for sure. I don't understand the Halo craze at all. I played the first 2 and they were okay, but after those 2 I just did not have any desire to play them anymore. Unless I was at a friends house and they wanted to play.

RuperttheBear2089d ago

Nintendo look like having a great couple of years. Plenty of games coming.

Kos-Mos2089d ago

I love you Nintendo! Games for gamers!

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