10 Movies That Must Get Video Games

Alien Lion:

"Most movie-based video games are like modern musicians – everyone, but the most clueless, knows that they blow. Sometimes, you’ve got to feel for the developers though. Imagine being tasked with creating an action game based on the movie Jaws, in a limited time. I mean, what the fuck are you supposed to do throughout the game? You would pretty much have no choice but to think up some really random shit that has nothing to do with the movie: pirates, evil sea creatures, PETA, Poseidon, etc.

Having said that, it’s quite retarded that someone insists on projects so unfit for a video game adaptation, while some of the most appropriate movies have been ignored. We have to put a spotlight on 10 films that would be incredibly difficult to fuck up, as developers wouldn’t have to deviate from the subject matter almost at all. Most of these have some kind of a mod or a homebrew demo associated with them but I’ve failed to find any proper related video games..."

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