Hands-on with Mario Kart Wii (Verdict: Game is great, Wheel is rubbish) writes "Mein Gott! We've just returned from visiting the Nintendo HQ in Frankfurt, Germany, and after playing Mario Kart Wii that's the only possible reaction we could have. Simply put, the game's AMAZING, and you, my friends, are going to LOVE it.

After the jump is a list of our early impressions, written in no particular order of preference (except the last one, which is about the Wii Wheel). There's a lot of lovely stuff packed into this game, and we wanted to get it all written down before it was lost in a haze of jetlag and complimentary booze.

If you're looking for a one-sentence summary, however, then look no further. We'd say that Nintendo had been inspired by freewheeling insanity of Motorstorm on the PS3, but they've made a better game in the process. Game is released here in Europe on April 11th, one day after its launch in Japan."

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Exhaust3888d ago

Having a plastic wheel thats not connected to anything floating around while you're steering can't be a good thing. Let alone motion controls for steering in sucks in general

Probably still pick the game up and thow out the plastic donut.

M_Prime3888d ago

4 controller options should be available.. so everyone will be happy.. but high scores are supposta have the controller type used mentioned next to them.. so we'll see what people choose..

Fishy Fingers3888d ago

Umm can you play it with GameCube controllers?

mindedone3888d ago

you can, it's mentioned in the article

RecSpec3888d ago

Excellent, I REALLY need to buy another wavebird now. Sucks that they discontinued it.

Axelay3888d ago

On Wii this is the game that i'm wainting.
Again it's a mario kart but who really care about that.
After reading this preview and the others (like i need them), i just want to say one things.
Prepare yourself this game is going to rock.

l Drop Dead Ed l3888d ago

Yeah i hate it when people are last and suddenly through the power of Nintendo magically win the race! It's frustrating when it's not you...I especially hated that kind of "balancing" in Mario Party! ugh...the many rants that were caused by Mario Party!

Axelay3888d ago

It's a fantasy race, of course unexpected things arrives but at the end of a championship the best player always wins.

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