Jay-Z Will Appear In EA's New NBA Game

Rapper Jay-Z will be immortalized in pixel form in EA's new NBA Live '07 video game, being released on Playstation and Xbox 360.

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specialguest5903d ago

Jay-Z looks like the black cyclops in the articles picture. i just thought i added a comment, since no one's interested in this article.

Nodoze5903d ago

This is about the dumbest thing I have ever seen. EA is truly trying to get this advertising wideo game thing going. You buy a pair of shoes and get a game code.

Does Jay Z even like basketball? How about a vanilla Ice John Madden code. Or even better a Mike Tyson NHL code. Buy season tickets to a hockey game and get a game code to unlock Tyson the he can play hockey.

[email protected] EA!! Just plain [email protected]!!

MadMax5902d ago

lol, I agree. What a waste of an article. I hate that ape. Hes a clown and so is the person that posted this stupid article. Moron!

GioneBurnz5902d ago (Edited 5902d ago )

That Jay-Z has achieved much more in the last 5 years than you will in your entire life. Despite all materialism,(he owns a cruise ship, a multi-million dollar clothing line, every insane car you can imagine, an extremely well recognized record label, etc.) at this moment, each of his 10 albums sold well over 1 million copies and his concerts are the quickest ones, in the genre, to be sold out. In addition, he's banging Beyonce, which is something that Austin Powers himself couldn't even do in Goldmember. Whether you like his music or not, don't go dissing Jay-Z like your superior to him. Too many people use this website to bash things: PS3, 360, Wii....and now JAY-Z?! wtf.

ENDLEZZ5902d ago

i totlaly agree with gioneburnz , why would you bash him and call him a ape and HATE him? He has done nothing to you and is succesful at anything he trys,albeit more succesful than anyone person you will meet in your entire sad life.I just think its strange that you should jumpt to the word HATE so quickly.Its obvious your jealous.The man has everything i can only dream and hope to have at some point in my comfortable life,and beyonce? dont get me started on her! extremley beautiful and rich!

MadMax5902d ago

I see we have a couple of MTV brainwashed cry babies. I will have to say it again, that guy sux and so does his pathetic rap, Ill diss whoever the [email protected] I want. Especially if they suck @ss like that piece of [email protected] Just because someone is well off, you 2 little followers are gonna kiss @ss and worship the guy? Even though he cant rap for [email protected], kids like you will still look up to a person because of how much money they got or who they are bangin. If you ask me thats pretty weak and you 2 should just go back to your little MTV channel. Yea, thats it I wish I was that dirty ape lol, comedy. Ive got enough money in this life, I dont need to wish I was someone like that just because they have lots of cash. Bottomline is dont come on here and waste peoples time on a stupid article like this, when most people could care less about that frickin monkey. I wanna hear about games, not some worthless hip hop has been who had to buy talent, what a fraud and you kids eat it all up. 3 rappers I had respect for who were at least talented and creative, 2pac, Biggie and Too Short. Not no stupid [email protected] JayZ, pull your head outta your @ss already, you guys are too full of [email protected] Naive children like you are the reason someone like that has money, you guys wouldnt know real talent if it came and slapped you upside the head. Enuff said!

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