Trials Evolution: Riders of Doom Review - Dusty Cartridge

Jackson from DC writes: I’m not into motorbikes. I see them as way too dangerous; a wheels-and-gears love letter to death. Yet, that one scene from Top Gun where pre-crazy Tom Cruise is ahem *cruising* around, aviators beaming sunlight off his eyes, on his Kawasaki GPZ 900r is my favourite part of a film based around jet fighter stunt-flying. It also helps that Highway to the Danger Zone is a bad ass backing track. That scene almost makes me want to ride a motorbike. Then I play Trials Evolution, and I realise how bad of an idea that is. The game is so brilliant and so punishingly difficult, that it helps me understand I’m really not built for two wheels. How does the recently-released Riders of Doom DLC stack up though? Does it give me a glimmer of hope that I can one day be as cool as pre-couch-jumping Tom Cruise? No – it doesn’t – but that’s a really good thing.

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