Ninja Gaiden DS gets a Sword Stylus

So gamers thought the feather stylus that came with Zelda for the DS was sweet, Loot Ninja calls shenanigans and presents the Dragon Sword Stylus! Thats right if you pre-order your copy of Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword from GamStop you get this stylus.

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fiercescuba3918d ago

Yeah thats awesome. I wonder if you get a schlong stylus for Leisure Suit Larry? Not that I want to hold a wang for indeterminate amounts of time or anything...

taz80803918d ago

A schlong stylus amy be taking things too far. Plus I wouldnt want to walk aorund with that in my hand, now a boob stylus and I would say yes!

PS360WII3918d ago

ha how cool is that! Oh and yes I do have that feather stylus

taz80803918d ago

Feather stylus was cool but this sword stylus is awesome! I will walk around stabbing people for days!

desolationstorm3918d ago

Im so getting then like 2 weeks later Ill return the game assuming its not packed into the damn case

taz80803918d ago

That is briliant!!!! You sir get a bubble for that ingenious idea!!