Visceral hints at 'disturbing' Dead Space 3 story DLC

Destructoid - In addition to revealing Dead Space 3's four gameplay modes, executive producer Steve Papoutsis has dropped the first clue that Visceral's horror-shooter is getting an extra story campaign as downloadable content.

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Nate-Dog2090d ago

Lol wow, game isn't out and they're already ready to spank on the DLC. Can't say I'm that surprised.

iamnsuperman2090d ago

Sadly it is the way of the industry now. Day one DLC/disc locked DLC. I don't mind them saying we will do dlc but this comes across as if the DLC will be around launch.

Abash2090d ago

Visceral announcing the DLC - "Look at all those explosions and gun fights, disturbing right? We were spooked out making this DLC guys"

brish2090d ago

The industry has changed but so have gamers.

Retail sales for games are down. It isn't one issue that is causing this but some gamers are adjusting their purchasing habits because they are not happy with the game industry.

Dead Space 3 is the first game in the series I won't be buying.

da_2pacalypse2090d ago

So is it disturbing that the story DLC will be released day1... or is the story DLC disturbing?

From what I've seen of the game, it doesn't look very disturbing (not like the previous two games anyways)... so I guess it's the first option.

NukaCola2090d ago

DLC should be the extend the life of a game. They way many do it now, it's like getting an electronic toy without batteries.

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Sovereign592090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

I'm actually pleasantly surprised that a season pass has not been announced for this game. If Dead Space 3 is going to have DLC, I am much more hopeful that it will be enjoyable if there is no season pass. I've come to understand season pass as "four mediocre packs of content thrown together without much care to meet a deadline."
Of course, that definition can also be applied to many full games released these days, but still...

Y_51502090d ago

Most of us learned that the hard way. Uncharted 3 season pass was alright but also disappointing. :(

007Bond2090d ago Show
Temporary2089d ago

Another reason not to buy this game. They're too far gone now. Just gonna gamefly it.

ironfist922089d ago

Just gonna rent it, play the SP, then move on with my life.

Dead Space 1 will always be the best out of the franchise.

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zerocrossing2090d ago

Visceral hints at 'disturbing' DLC for Dead Space 3 story

That's better.

Ezz20132090d ago

lol tht was funny

and even then ..why don't they just put that in the SP already .maybe that would give the game a higher chance to get good scores

zerocrossing2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

I know, right? I like the idea of getting extra content but I feel like they just hold this stuff back deliberately just to sell it to us as DLC later.

Ezz20132090d ago

they are working for EA though

they are as bad as capcom when it come to bleed you dry

Convas2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Wait wait, you mean a studio is finished with the main game and shouldn't get started on post-maingame content?

zerocrossing2090d ago

You know, back in the good ol days we used to get extra content as special unlocks from completing the game or meeting other specific conditions, we didn't have to pay through the nose for a big shiny gun or alt armour skin either.

Instead we have DLC now, which in theory is a great idea but is constantly being abused, how much content do you think EA will be leaving out of Dead Space 3 to sell to us later?

pandehz2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

No it means Dead Space 3 story and game is not solid enough to stand on its own and they have plotholes that need to be filled with as many dlc's as the zombie like public will buy, OR SO THEY THINK

One day in the future we will have books being published by EA and we will be able to download chapters 3 and 4 separately or if you subscribe then you get it all. Ah cant wait to be a part of that awesome future. Im soooo gonna make my own game company and do this too :) :)

Lisica2089d ago

You don't start on post-maingame content if you don't check how the game sels first.

Snookies122090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

I'm "disturbed" by the lack of horror I've seen in this game... Please don't go that RE6 route... Although I know it's not looking good after that comment regarding their focus to bring in people who play phone games that have never touched the series...

pandehz2090d ago

Ah so I wasn't planning to buy the game. Do they now want me to troll their forums?

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