Five Gaming Culture Personalities to Know

Video games have become something of their own among the lip-syncing viral videos and random cat pictures that litter the internet. Whether you’re a retro fan or a top-of-the-line PC owner, you’re bound to follow a few gaming icons around Youtube or Twitter, but not just the gaming developers or long-time franchise leaders. There are many to speak of, but here are five gaming personalities that have made following gamer culture entertaining and more influential than ever.

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drizzom2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

Sessler is one of the clearer voices in the industry. Its a refreshing break from all the sensationalist nonsense that goes on in the videogame business.

TotalBiscuit (or TotalHalibut on youtube) is also a good voice. I swear if we didn't have people like these, the gaming world would be a hellish mix of Hollywood and TMZ on steroids.

FantasticBoss2086d ago

Total Biscuit has some good opinions and is worth the occasional listen, but I also think he is a bit overblown at times myself.

TechOne2086d ago

I know Adam is all formal now, but does anyone remember when he was like this?

oh the good ol' days. :')

buckley2082d ago

Need to give a shoutout to Angry Joe as well