Head2Head: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we take a closer look at Konami’s Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Clearly, one version has the graphically advantage here but not without a hitch. Come join us as we compare one of the most anticipate game release this year."

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NukaCola2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

When PS3 is the lead, both wins. 360 version is a little blurrier, but this isn't a Bayonetta situation. I think P+ did well for being handed a partially complete game. Personally I didn't enjoy the demo as much as I wanted to. It felt very repetitive and I had hope there was some MG spirit left in this game. I felt nothing for the story presented. I do enjoy the destruction though.

NYC_Gamer2086d ago

I played the demo for a little and turned it off after killed that one gekko

kenshiro1002085d ago

The game takes time to master...

Daver2085d ago

Yea the game does not look to be that good I mean the atmosphere of metal gear is there and the story looks great but the gameplay sucks.

Irishguy952085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Yea the game looks to be amazing I mean the atmosphere of Metal Gear isn't there and the story looks meh but the gameplay is amazing.


Shaman2085d ago

360 version looks blurrier in cutscenes since they are most probably video files on disk (lower res to save space). In actual game it looks the same.

Squall50052085d ago

Yeah, that's down to the discs.

Video files on the Xbox version take up 1.8GB of the disc, whereas the PS3 version takes up more than 3GB.

2085d ago
AngelicIceDiamond2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Well, at least we know Konami weren't lying about PS3's lead platform. PlayStation takes the cake on this one.

SignifiedSix2085d ago

They're both about equal besides cut scenes. Great job on platinum games. They can make a game that looks and runs great on both platforms unlike 65% of the other devs out there.

bikar2085d ago

it's not just cut scenes
look at the dead body on the floor

lex-10202085d ago


Or look at the lightning on Riaden's sword.

Yodagamer2085d ago

Well P+ didn't do the ps3 port, they only developed a 360 version. For Vanquish they made the ps3 version the lead and continue to.

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RudeSole Devil2086d ago

Wow PS3 looks way sharper Nice Konami!!!!

Shaman2085d ago

So...Its nice when PS3 version looks better, but its unfair when 360 looks better? (btw, only in cutscenes).

SlyFoxC2085d ago

^ you mad bro? you seem mad...

BigStef712085d ago

Yes it does matter because theres no reason ps3 versions of multiplatform games should look worse than 360 versions. This isn't 2006 anymore. Multiplatform games on the ps3 should look identical to the 360 version.
FYI the lead platform for this game is the ps3. So this game will be identical on both platforms. Its even possible that the ps3 version will be the slightly better one if you go by the previous games that had the ps3 as the lead platform such as Battlefield 3 Batman:AA Castlevania:LOS Portal 2, and etc. I'm only talking about the console versions by the way

lex-10202085d ago

Not only in cutscenes. Look at the electricity on Riaden's sword

Squall50052086d ago

I think Lens of Truth should keep which console the images belong to a secret and just call them console A and B. That way the fanboys won't be able to just blindly vote for their favorite console and mess up the voting. Then maybe reveal the poll results after a week or so.

NukaCola2086d ago

Good point. Or show two screens from the same game on two different settings or TVs and then see if people claim one is 360 or PS3. Maybe show low res PC and then console and just mess with gamers. Would be a larf.

oakshin2085d ago

good idea...great idea actually

NastyLeftHook02086d ago

ps3 version spanked the 360 version on this head to head.

JamieL2085d ago

I have to know, why did you use a crack head as your avatar pic? Bug-eyed thing looks like he's tweaking hard.

cyclindk2086d ago

PS3 = pleasantly sharper

But other differences are imperceptible, at least in static screen-shots.

No idea of performance differences.

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