Plus Points: Sony's PS Plus humiliates the game industry

Jim Sterling writes:

'Sony shows subscription services how it's really done

Sony has made a lot of mistakes over the years, and I've cheerily called the publisher out on many of them. For all its hubris, however, and for all its missteps, the PlayStation brand owner is prone to having some really quite brilliant ideas now and then, proving itself surprisingly savvy and innovative when the need arises.'

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NeverEnding19892090d ago ShowReplies(23)
Irishguy952090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

PS+ is by far the best thing i've subscribed too.

Got Infamous series, Arkham City, Bioshock 2, Motorstorm Apocalypse and more Ps3 games + the Vita instant games...all for 37 quid. Just amazing. And that is only in the 4 months that i've had it.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2090d ago

"humiliates the game industry"

Also it the only supported current last gen system!

Nothing happening on xbox.

realiks2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

I am sure nextgen MS will do the same.

AAACE52089d ago

I like plus and would easily pay for another year just on value. Free games and discounts on stuff i wanted to buy but the price was too steep. I know this gen is ending but sonu did something good with psplus.

Army_of_Darkness2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Do you still get access to movies, tv shows and videos if you cancel your monthy cable or netflix subscription?? I think NOT.
hell, do you even get offered free movies and discounts while on your cable tv subscriptions??
Nope...also can you get access to N4G if you cancel your internet subscription?? lol!

S0 why is PS+ an issue when its almost exactly the same as any other subscription service, but better!??

3-4-52089d ago

Only logical step once you've humiliated yourself. And Sony has done that.

I won't hate on them though, they will pull through and be will the Vita.

Sony NEEDS the PS4 though to kind of restore the confidence in their fans.

I mean I'm just guessing maybe they don't.....but it couldn't hurt. It helps that Sony has Loyal fans though. They complain way too much and get way too defensive about dumb stuff.......but they are good loyal fans.

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OpenGL2089d ago

When PS+ was first unveiled I admit that I was skeptical but now that I'm a subscriber I can say that it is definitely worth the price. Sure some of the features like the auto-updates and cloud save system should really be part of the default PSN package but the instant library feature is awesome and is easily worth the $50 a year.

sensor212089d ago

Funny how this generation is coming to an end and Sony is sticking out their chest all I know is I never went a month without playing a game online its in the past but it is what it is.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2089d ago

Stop paying for it, and let me know how fun playing those games still is.

Seems to me you paid for something. Like I pay for something. It's called Live. The better service.

Imalwaysright2089d ago

Yeah you're paying to play something you already payed for: your games.

3-4-52089d ago

Remember when Sports Illustrated wanted all their magazines back once you stopped subscribing ?

O yea they didn't / don't and nobody else does.

Mikeyy2089d ago

stop paying for LIVE and let me know how COD online is treating you.

Please once and for all, prove how live is a better service, simply reading the article trashes live beyond believe, you can't even deny it.

You pay yearly for cross game chat. thats really all.

-Alpha2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

You are being impractical:

Most the games I have on Plus I enjoy playing, but when I am done playing them, I dont really go back to them. If I want access to those games, I pay up again, or I'll just buy it. The $50 I pay is still justified by the sheer number of free things I get (and enjoy)

The value doesn't change:

I get to play the games I download with Plus, but the point of resubscribing is to invest in the future 12 months. I don't feel cheated if I stop paying and don't get to access old Plus games, because most of the time, I am playing something current.

Plus is fantastic, people pay to access a wide variety of features, no one is saying anything is free, but the value you get when you invest is through the roof. You pay for something because as an Xbox owner, you have no choice. I pay for Plus because I have an option to enhance my experience. The difference is that I genuinely enjoy paying for Plus, I am willing to bet that if access to online became free for Xbox, Gold subscribers would plummet. If you genuinely enjoying paying for the Xbox features, then more power to you, but undoubtedly, the argument here is that Plus is offering a better value while MS takes advantage of their position as market leaders of the online brand.

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LOGICWINS2090d ago

Jim hits the nail on the head once again. Its because of Plus that I'm getting a Vita.

JoGam2090d ago

Glad u are making the move.


im strongly considering a vita becuase all of the free doubt this was a big factor in sony offering vita stuff on plus for no extra cash

Agent_00_Revan2090d ago

It's also that benefit that makes me regret not jumping on the amazing $179 bundle they had in black Friday. But it still might persuade me to get one

gaffyh2090d ago

This article was written by Jim Sterling! He's usually such a Negative Nancy. I totally agree with him on this and always thought XBLive was a ripoff, just a pay wall to access things that should be free.

Nicaragua2090d ago

I just bought a Vita because of plus. I couldn't stand having Uncharted & Gravity Rush sat there doing nothing on my plus account, and now I've just found out that Wipeout and Lumines are coming in February, and on top of that I've got a Vita download of Playstation All Stars which came with my PS3 copy.

If you have a PS+ account then its almost madness not to own a Vita now.

profgerbik2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

You guys will probably get Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus later on also, we are getting that today in NA PS+.

That isn't including other games they give you like a free PSP game, Jet Set Radio and other games like Retro City Rampage which are all fun.

EU PS+ users getting Sleeping Dog and then we just got Bioshock 2 not too long ago I mean those are AAA games here they are letting you play for free basically based on the entire value of what they offer you.

Gamer19822089d ago

Funnily enough its the sole reason pushing me to Vita. I'm building up a nice collection now. So its a double winner for Sony as it will probably sell Vitas.

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izumo_lee2090d ago

Jim actually has a good point. In a gen that has asked to give more for content (DLC,on disc DLC,microtransactions) that makes a $60 game actually cost much much more.

Sony with PS+ are actually giving stuff away for consumer loyalty. Your $50 a year subscription can amount to as Jim states over 2K worth of content. That is worth you money that is all i can say.

Sony has done a lot of mistakes this gen but the presentation of PS+ shows that Sony are quite capable of great things.

TongkatAli2090d ago

Sony has done the best job this gen, keeping it real. Sony gives you nice hardware that doesn't feel cheap and a awesome library of games. PS+ is the icing on the cake.

360 and Wii/WiiU are awesome too.

Hellsvacancy2089d ago

My PS3 slim feels cheap, I much prefer my old fatty PS3, still, "its whats on the inside that counts"

iamnsuperman2090d ago

I agree and I love it. The rewarding system works and it also gives me some games I would never had bought/play because of several factors but now I am more interested in their sequel. (Infamous was a big example of this).

There are other schemes other companies have done. For instance, watching trailers to unlock several hours of free gameplay which are also an interesting idea and I wouldn't mind being introduced in gaming as a whole in the future but Plus is a good, underrated service. Okay it is a glorified rental service but I never felt like I was being cheated with my subscription.