EA Publisher Sale on Xbox Live Runs Until February 4th, 2013 – Includes Over 30 Games/DLC

EA is now running a Publisher Sale on Xbox Live that sees many games and DLC discounted by quite a bit until February 4th, 2013. Ranging from Battlefield 3 to Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue, and SSX for $10, there's a lot on sale.

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TrendyGamers2115d ago

Very tempted to get SSX for $10.

guitarded772115d ago

Well worth $10... not sure it was worth the $60 I paid for it.

Also, is it messed up that I already have everything on that list? I'm getting better at not buying games and waiting for sales because it feels like a kick in the nuts when I see a game I payed full price for at $10.

TrendyGamers2115d ago

A little messed up, it's a lot of games!

Yi-Long2115d ago

... while we in Europe also get these deals, yet SSX is 15 EURO, which means even though it's on sale for us as well, it's still twice as expensive as what the USA gamers have to pay for the same game...

.... which is obviously ridiculous.

guitarded772115d ago

@ Yi-Long

I have been sympathetic to gamers in other countries getting price gouged for a long time. I think it sucks that your prices are higher, especially while your currency value is inflated. Check out US and see if they ship to your country. I have friends in South America, Europe and elsewhere that order from there to get lower prices. Some still have to pay import duties, but it is still cheaper for them go the extra mile.

JohnApocalypse2115d ago

Dam, no sale on the Battlefield 3 map packs

InsaneGam3r2115d ago

There's sale on the Premium Membership.

2115d ago
Relientk772115d ago

All those games and DLC on sale, sweet

TotalSynthesisX2115d ago

EA is being nice?

...Wait a minute.

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