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PS+ trials: Don’t get caught out

Gamedot writer Joe Bennett finds it's easy to get stung by Sony and their PS+ trials.

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Gamedot2092d ago
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JoGam2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Auto renew is mentioned in the terms and conditions before you buy.

It auto renewed for me one year but then I deactivated it. Didnt matter though cause I will continue being a Plus member as long as I can.

Gamedot2092d ago

Joe is making the point it goes against the rest of their system (auto-fund)

LocutusEstBorg2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

Bullshit article. The term auto-fund and every context in which it's used on the PS3 clearly means it automatically transfers from your credit card to your wallet without prompting you to first transfer to your wallet when you buy a game or some DLC.

A subscription is just that: a subscription. Your credit card will be charged periodically. It's the same when you buy any subscription online such as on file hosting websites or Office 365. You need to request a cancellation, even if you get one month free.

aCasualGamer2091d ago

Kurianofborg @

Are you mentally ill? Why do you call bull****? It is true, i posted a comment few weeks back stating the exact same thing. It happened to me aswell. My "auto-fund" was dechecked, but apparently it was overwritten when i tried the trial. After the trial was over it continued, and withdrew 17,99 from my credit card. Automatically charging me for the full three month fee.

Now just because it's a subscription doesn't mean i want them to withdraw my money as soon as the period has passed. Why else is there an option between 3 months and a year? You buy the amount you want. After 3 months, you're the one making the choice whether or not you liked the product and want more, they can't make that decision automatically and without your content.

This is an outrage, and i hope people pay attention to this.

I'm not saying the product itself is bad, i loved the games i tried out... but that was it. I didn't want anymore. PS Plus is a great product and a bright shine on this capitalistic industry, with that said. There is absolutely no excuse for them treating customers like a herd of money giving numb nuts.

Temporary2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

lol @ "this is an outrage"!

Are you guys adults? There are TONS of services that do this same exact thing, it's not a horrible business practice it's a subscription service.

If you feel like PS+ isnt for you, then just cancel the subscription, they wont cancel it for you. Be an adult and dont blame them for something you're responsible for.

hay2091d ago

Most of paid subscriptions use this strategy. It's kinda embedded into "paid subscription" name itself.
While they have this in their Terms and Conditions, this is something you declare you have read and agree completely to it. Which means a refund is only a matter of company's policy on this stuff, or of a person character you've contacted.
If one of you is an a-hole or a tool, no refund.

Which concludes to the main reason why is that: money-money-goooold.

xyyyr2091d ago

Pretty much every online subscription based service does this, including Live. At least with the PS3 it is easy to turn off. Some services do almost everything they can to stop you doing this by making the process a complete headache.

Sithlord-Gamble2091d ago

@Casual ...
It explicitly tells you when you purchase PS+ in the disclaimer that you will be billed for the next term when your subscription expires unless YOU deactivate the autopay feature.

Looks like somebody didn't read the fine print.

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iamnsuperman2092d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

I agree and in a way it is our own fault for not reading the terms and conditions. Who reads them? I know I don't and I do wonder how much permission I am giving to these companies. Look at had a clause in their terms and conditions that they could have our soul as a joke (think it was for either Halloween or for april fouls day).

All "free" trails do this system. Just read the terms and conditions

HammadTheBeast2091d ago

If you put your credit card in, of course it's going to auto renew. I'm pretty sure it even tells you that beforehand.

MaxXAttaxX2091d ago

Exactly. It's like Netflix, Gamefly and other subscription services. They'll renew unless you cancel.

garos822090d ago

To be fair there is a pop up warning after you"read"the terms and conditions that tells you about the auto fund.all you do is disable it from "my account"straight after and your good to go.

It's worth noting that it will be put back on to auto fund once you renew.Just like every other subscription service out there.

Snookies122091d ago

Isn't pretty much EVERY free trial like this on anything? Every time I sign up for a free trial of something online, it always states that you have to deactivate it before the trial ends or else it'll charge you at the end for a subscription.

Seraphim2091d ago

exactly... any type of membership such as this generally gets auto renewed. any trial that requires a card on file always states you must cancel before the trial is over otherwise it's assumed you want said subscription and are billed... Consumer error. I guess in the process he may be able to spread the word so others don't suffer the same fate but he'll find no sympathy here. If I recall when I used my 30 day trial it specifically stated somewhere that I saw it the subscription had to be canceled or it would auto renew.

Axecution2091d ago

Not even the terms and conditions, it says it right on the info thing that comes up when you are about to subscribe to Plus.

Its like 10 lines. If you somehow didn't know that it's auto-renewing, you.... i dont even know haha

FamilyGuy2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

This is old news, Sony issued a warning about this exact thing when PS+ started and another warning was given after the outage happened and they gave us all a month trial AAAAAND it's ALSO in the TOS.

I bought a 3 month subscription a while back and the first thing I did was go in and shut off auto-renew. I was well informed that the setting would be changed to [on] when I subscribed. It was bold, right up front, extremely hard to miss.

stage882091d ago

Yeah, that's what I don't get.

He says 'it's easy to get stung'. Why would you want to pass up on continuing Plus?

WeaseL2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

Its not like anybody else does it :cough Netflix Lovefilm Blizzard and more who offer free trials.
They all want your cc details and hope you forget to cancel

aCasualGamer2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

It is true, this happened to me aswell.

2090d ago
andrewsqual2090d ago

@aCasualGamer Oh noes, now your gonna get 12 more PS3 and 6 Vita games handed to you. Fiddlesticks.

imdaboss12090d ago

Netflix, redbox instant, gamefly, and etc you have to cancel yourself or they keep charging..all companys do it..lame article

lfclee2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

I like the arcade games there fine but the price on ps3 title games is extortion on psn store !

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aquamala2092d ago

just remember to turn auto-renew off every time you buy or extend your membership.

chukamachine2092d ago

That's abit naughty I have to say.

Once off, it should be left off unless you want it to be renewed.

GribbleGrunger2092d ago

Oooo, I'm glad I read this! I forgot to turn it off ... but it was my fault.

raWfodog2090d ago

Kudos for taking responsibility for your actions. Too many people find it easier to blame someone else for their lack of attention.

THC CELL2091d ago

I my self say don't worry it's worth leaving on

BLAKHOODe2091d ago

Playstation Plus is worth keeping and I don't plan to ever cancel, BUT I don't like a company dipping into my bank account without being aware of it. It's irresponsible and difficult to keep an accurate account of your finances that way.

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