Osama bin Laden's "Second Life"

Lately there has been some rather bizarre hype about the potential threat from terrorists in cyberspace. Security specialists have been expressing increasing concern about the potential for mischief with Web 2.0. In particular, during the past six months a spate of newspaper articles have been citing security experts about the alleged danger that terrorists will use virtual worlds for nefarious purposes. Groups such as the U.S. government's Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity say they fear that terrorists -- using virtual personas called "avatars" -- will recruit new members online, transfer funds in ways that cannot be traced, and may engage in training exercises that are useful for real-world terrorist operations. They point to existing "terrorist groups" operating on virtual reality sites as an ominous sign.

Granted, militant jihadists have long used the Internet as a propaganda tool; recently, Osama bin Laden's No. 2 man, Ayman al-Zawahiri, was even planning an online advice column for followers of al-Qaida worldwide. But what's the real game here?

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M_Prime3938d ago

This is way too funny not to be read.. now i know where my tax dollars go.. so some guy can play second life.. trying to find terrorists.. who turn out to be a couple of 12 year old boys trying to play 'make believe'

lets face it there is no way to monitor all this.. there will always be a way for the terrorists to communicate, and i guess if Osama likes second life then it could work..

now imagine if the terrorists used HABBO HOTEL.. nobody would expect it.. i bet the password into the room is JIHAD

Tempist3938d ago

I wonder if any of the potential Terrorists would have female avatars... And then do something naughty online...

Yeah I guess there's a lot to fear from anonymity online.