Dark Sector in competition with Prototype, says Digital Extremes

Videogaming247 is reporting that Digital Extremes guy Dave Kudirka sees Prototype in the same space as his baby Dark Sector, saying, "There are a few action titles coming out in this first quarter that we'll be competing with, but Prototype is definitely the title that appears to have generated comparison to Dark Sector in the online community.

"I think the attractive monster-as-hero convention is the strongest connection between the two titles. And names like Devil May Cry, Metal Gear, and Grand Theft Auto always cast a big shadow, especially when you're bringing a new IP to the table."

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3976d ago

i should go over there and tell them to JUST make the game and keep quiet.

BTW, when Pariah was out, you could find it everywhere here for like 10 bucks NEW(at pawnshops etc.)

hopefully it`s the same w/ DARKSECTOR

Superiorrior3975d ago


shotputking3976d ago

isn't prototype looking at a late 2008 release?? these games could be released 6 months apart, how are they competition to each other?

Exhaust3976d ago

Besides the months between release separating them from my understanding DS is linear while Prototype is sandbox.

I guess he's saying their both third person shooters with wacky-virus-mutation-powers thats why they "compete"

Maybe its just me but I was excited for both games and the more I see and hear about them the less I'm excited.

longduckdong3976d ago

Prototype come out in late summer/fall

ikiru33853976d ago

i could be wrong here and get disagrees...but prototype looks more promising. that and it's getting more media attention. either way i'll be looking out for both of these.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3976d ago

inFamous vs. Prototype

Those two games will be similar but because they don't come out around the same time it doesn't mean it isn't competition. With Dark Sector vs.Prototype they're two very different games so it all depends on what type of game you like. With inFamous vs. Prototype these games are in the same genre. So if you like Prototype you'll like inFamous.

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