Dark Souls 2 Roughly 25% Finished, May Miss 2013 Release Date

GB: The Souls franchise is one of the toughest to beat this generation. But that is where the fun and challenge lies. Dark Souls 2 was announced at last year’s VGA and it will be every bit as tough as it’s predecessors.

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sitharrefus2140d ago

Im fine if it skips, the longer the development the better imop.

TopDudeMan2140d ago

Isn't this old news? We knew this when it was announced.

Raiz2140d ago

yes it is an old news... at the time of Dark Souls II announcement this was revealed officially by From Software......

Smurf12140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

I didn't know about it.

Raiz2140d ago

@Smurf1 : Do you really think 25% is new... lolzzz

what about this one than:

get your fact right before commenting and reporting.....

Swiggins2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

Take your time From Software, I want Dark Souls II to be everything Dark Souls I was and more!

Easily my most anticipated game, of either 2013 or 2014.

Praise the Sun!

jay22140d ago

Take it next gen, then....

MooseWI2140d ago

Need to beat first one yet haha.

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