Is It Really OK to Treat Devs The Way We Do?

Does our passion and expectations of what to expect in a game title give us carte blanche to tell developers anything we want, regardless of how scathing, derogatory, or threatening it is?

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Godmars2902087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

I think the gaming community in general knows when certain individuals within it go too far, fail in not pointing out such people or defend those being attacked, but then the basic level of response to any complaints has become gamer "entitlement" which makes everyone numb.

And yes, at the very least gamers are in fact entitled to games of an equal or better quality in a series than the first. And games like ME and DA became less in quality with each entry. And Blizzard wasn't "entitled" to effect the quality of Starcraft or Diablo the way they did.