Crysis 3 PC - Input Lag and FOV Slider Spotted, SLI Fix

DSOGaming writes: "Now on to more good news. Crytek has implemented a FOV slider in Crysis 3 that can be accessed only when players are in-game."

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ATi_Elite2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

1. Never jokingly tell a PC Gamer to go buy a Xbox360!

Should of Joked that he should go buy a AMD GPU but never go buy a Xbox360!

2. I said Nvidia would fix this Ultra Fast and boy did they fix it Ultra fast!

Nvidia = Teh best when it comes to support

3. see #1

4. Just Hype for Crysis 3 which isn't even on my Radar as it has been dumbed down for consoles!

neoMAXMLC2090d ago

Funny how you say Crysis 3 is dumbed down due to consoles even though it REQUIRES a DX11 card. So now I'm screwed and had to deal with the fugly PS3 demo. They sure do hype up their tech through the roof but end up making one of the ugliest games I've seen on consoles.

ninjahunter2089d ago

Eh, At this point, requiring Dx11 to play bleeding edge tech games is like requiring an Xbox 360 instead of an original xbox to Play 360 games.

However I can see why It should and why it shouldnt require DX11.

On one hand, if you limit to DX11, you can optimize A LOT by cutting out fatty DX9 effects and using the more streamlined Dx11 counterparts, and reduce bloating the game By including both as an option.

On the other hand, The Xbox 360 version is DX9, and as they showed with Crysis 2, its easy as hell for them to copy paste from xbox to PC.

seanpitt232089d ago

Look it not going o be much different from crysis 2 and I got bored with that rather quickly good graphics but bland gameplay