WorthPlaying Preview - Precursors

Precursors tells a story of a small group of heroes sent on an impossible mission to save their nation from annihilation by neighboring empires, craving the wealth of their home planet. Precursors realistically combines elements of different genres (RPG, FPS, and space simulation) to present the player with an immersive and believable experience.

Very little plot has been revealed, other than the fact that you are some sort of humanoid space being who is caught in the midst of galactic upheaval. Several factions are vying for power, and you must work with each of them in order to fulfill your own personal objectives.

Precursors offers a few special gameplay mechanics that promise to be a lot of fun: warring factions whose attitudes toward you increase or decrease based on your actions, living "organic weapons" that must be "fed" rather than reloaded, deep space dogfights and interstellar combat, multiple planets with free-roaming environments, and a 20-hour main storyline with 20 more devoted to side-quests and extra content.

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zornik3884d ago

I hope this game can deliver the goods.I need Oblivion in space.