Did Graham McTavish just leak Uncharted 4? Again?

We have had several little hints over the past few months that UNCHARTED4 is on its way. In fact, I have suspected almost since the release of Drake’s Deception that Naughty Dog just aren’t ready to give up on the IP. So I have been quietly confident for some time that this is not the end.

You won’t ever find me spreading baseless rumours, and my scept-o-metre is set pretty high. But when you see tweets such as this;

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FriedGoat2141d ago

But.. but.. Lazarevic is dead!

EeJLP-2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

But but prequels, or new villains.. doesn't matter who's dead.

JoGam2140d ago

But but but I'll buy if true.

sobekflakmonkey2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

Gonna be honest, I would be curious to see what Uncharted would look like on the next gen of consoles, but...come on, Uncharted is finished, I don't want them to milk the series and completely ruin my current outlook on it, like I loved it, and I Was sad when I finished 3 because I thought that was it for the series (PS3, Vita doesn't count) and I thought it ended how it should have ended.

I personally would prefer it if they went on to a new IP, ND is good at that, they have created some of the best games with the best story lines, I don't wanna play the same game series forever.

Irishguy952140d ago

Same as you Sobek.


I want a new series from them. The Last of Us isn't becoming a series...or maybe it is who knows. But ND should make a new series, I love that about them. New series each gen and always quality.

Anyway, if Sony want Uncharted to keep going they can get a new dev to do it. How about the ones that did Golden Abyss since people don't seem to notice the difference in Quality between it and the Console versions.

GuyManDude2140d ago

@ sobek & Irish:

Naughty Dog can continue Uncharted and still make a new franchise. They split into two teams remember? They can have an Uncharted team and a new IP team (unless The Last of Us has "spiritual sequels" like Bioshock).

I'm sure they'll cook up something awesome for PS4.

starchild2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

I'm not worried about it. Naughty Dog have impecable judgement. If they decide to do something we can pretty much rest assured that it will be amazing.

If they decide to do another Uncharted on PS4 I think it will ratchet things up a few notches and really wow us.

th3n00bg4m3r2140d ago

If Naughty Dog improved lots of things. Would you still call it 'milking'?

TheRealSpy2140d ago

They'll be able to churn out Uncharteds for years because there's no overarching story. In fact, every story is basically just a redo of the previous one when it comes to the characters themselves. Sure, drake is after a different treasure, and the antagonist might be different; but there are never any character arcs or story twists.

What i'm saying is that the 3 current uncharted's are not a trilogy because there's no story to bind them together. they can go anywhere in the timeline, they can create any scenario. it's just fluff like indiana jones.

TL;DR: It's the action and the adventure, not the characters or plot, that makes Uncharted. which makes it VERY easy to keep making new ones. and as long as ppl buy them, they'll keep making them.

inveni02140d ago

If Uncharted 4 comes out on PS3, I'm going to be upset. I don't want to see this until PS4. I want my jaw to drop like it did with Uncarted 2, and it's going to take new hardware to do that.

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doctorstrange2140d ago

This guy has also done voice work for inFamous 2, Hunted: The Demon's Forge, Socom 4: U.S. Navy Seals, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Assassin's Creed III, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Singularity and more

While I'm sure a new Uncharted is in the works, his tweet saying that he's VOing for a game means nothing.

dontbhatin2140d ago

Well the article also points out a tweet from a few months back with him hinting Charlie Cutter wich is his character in Uncharted 3. So him hinting about a uncharted character having a comeback, im sure it means something.

IAmLee2140d ago


crxss2140d ago

take my money later when the game releases. I am broke

Monkeycan82140d ago

I can't believe its not But but but Butter.

showtimefolks2140d ago

Who here doesnt know that uncharted 4 is in development?

It's one of sony's biggest IPs so I don't see them killing it anytime soon.

Uncharted 4 in fall 2013 is possible because it's ND we are talking about they made uncharted 2 in 18months so we know they are capable of delivering within 2 years of development

But if not 2014 than we will have to wait for fall 2014, there is no way Sony is gonna release uncharted 4 anytime before the holiday season no matter if it's 2013,2014 etc,

Conzul2140d ago

Yeah, I'm hoping they make Uncharted 4, but stop right there. Don't want the series to end on a weak note.

GuyManDude2140d ago

I'd be surprised if Naughty Dog's Uncharted team isn't working on a PS4 game. Sony doesn't want a repeat of the PS3's launch. Right now they (potentially) have Guerrilla Games, Naughty Dog, Evolution Studios, and Sucker Punch working on next-gen games. Maybe.

Regardless, if they were releasing Uncharted 4 for PS3 this year, I think they would have announced it already.

th3n00bg4m3r2140d ago

The Last Of Us is coming this year. So, I don't see a 2013 release date.

showtimefolks2140d ago


well whether you or me like ir or not uncharted series will continue, i think going forward instead of giving it Numbers they will give it some sort of name. like Uncharted drake's nightmares lol

sorry couldn't come up with a better one

Halo is to MS what Uncharted will be for sony. while sony owns a lot of IP's and studios, there are still games you call flagship titles. God of war.Gt.

If sony could have their way they want GT to be that flagship title but GT development team is kind of small and race lovers so they like to take their time and make the best game possible.

PD should shire more developers to speed up the process of making GT games.

but back to my original point: as long as Uncharted series is selling sony will find a developer to keep making the games every 2-3 years. Now maybe after Uncharted 4 ND wants to move on so sony may find a 2nd party studio to keep working on future games

Uncharted 3 sold quite well so i don't see sony stopping anytime soon

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

All the exciting news this week has been playstation or nintnedo related. NO DOOM!

DonnieDarko2140d ago

They laid the foundations in uncharted 3 for Sully. They should do a prequel based on him. He's a wicked side kick and has more personality than Drake. Drake would no doubt feature but in more of a junior Indiana jones type thing. Where they focus on Sully and how he brings Drake up to be a treasure hunter. You've already seen a snippet in uncharted 3 of this.

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andyo132140d ago

Goodie, been waiting for uncharted team racing to come out.

Gamer19822140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

Hmm 1st day and hes the voice actor? Meaning the main part of games pretty far on.. We could see a U4/ps4 Launch here guys..

FriedGoat2140d ago

Why did my incorrect comment have to be on such a popular post. Doh!

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Walker2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Uncharted 4 will be unveiled at E3 this year for next-gen playstation, our jaw will drop. I promise .

Marcello2141d ago

I would have to agree with you on that, i would find it very odd this late in this gen, if it was for PS3.

Red_Orange_Juice2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

Hopefully its 100% designed for ps4, I doubt there's much they can improve on ps3, it's time for big jump.
The Last of Us is rightly their last effort this gen.

Also watch video on eurogamer how Uncharted 3 looks in 60fps. They need to target that for Uncharted 4.

yaz2882141d ago

and ps3. and hopfully the ps4 version will be 1080+ 60 fps ... just kidding, but it would be nice.

Nate-Dog2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Thanks, I'm glad I can rely on you. Was beginning to wonder how I was going to go on in life without your assistance.

WooHooAlex2140d ago

2014 release I bet. Definitely getting revealed alongside the PS4.

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Convas2141d ago

Would definitely be ... interesting.

The banter between Cutter, Drake, and Sully was hilarious and he's definitely one of my favorite UC characters, so if he's back for more UC next-gen, I won't be complaining!

phantomexe2141d ago

Uncharted man i love it. I hope this franchise never gos away. I'm just not a big fan of sonys other IPs like i am uncharted. The worlds a better place with uncharted games in it.

FlunkinMonkey2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

@CatXFlash below...

You'd get bubbled down for 'Illiteracy' as well if it was an option..

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