‘inFamous 3′ And ‘Killzone 4′: How To Peg The PS4′s Launch Titles

The word is officially on the street: The PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox will be hitting the streets in time for Christmas, up against each other in a rare console showdown. Microsoft has a countdown to E3, and Sony might be revealing PS4 information officially as soon as next month.

And really, big deal. Both of these consoles are by all accounts pretty much the same thing when it comes to actually playing games. What matters are the games themselves, and Sony hasn’t kept what franchises will be coming to the PS4 much of a secret.

Why? Because of their collections.

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AngelicIceDiamond2089d ago

Well Sucker Punch said they were interested in in making Infamous 3 but claimed they weren't working on it at the moment. Guerrilla Games said they had something show off earlier this month.

Guerrilla Games will most definitely launch a title on PS4 launch.

Sucker Punch could be making a new Ip or secretly developing Infamous 3. But I do think they'll make launch with AAA caliber title nonetheless.

camel_toad2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

I'm doubtful but hopeful for a Sucker Punch launch title. New IP or infamous 3 would be nice though.

Even though Ninja Theory gets a lot of hate from the hard core DMC fans I'd like to see a new Heavenly Sword as a PS4 launch title too since the original was a launch title and it was a 'goodun.

theBAWSE2089d ago

Infamous 3 would be enough for me to buy a launch ps4...

I do think well see heavenly sword 2 at some point on ps4

WooHooAlex2089d ago

Its been a long time since we've seen anything from them, unless Sucker Punch is working on something ridiculously ambitious, I think its a safe bet that whatever they're working on could be a launch title. Although the same can be said for Media Molecule, Guerrilla Games, Evolution, Studio Japan and Polyphony.

Its pretty crazy to think about all the studios they have in their stable who have been obviously working on PS4 games for the last few years. That launch window is gonna be pretty special.

ABizzel12089d ago

Sucker Punch could very well be making a launch title for the PS4. THe last game they developed was Infamous 2 which back in 2011. It's time for another game.

IF they are Killzone 4 and inFamous 3 then it would be wise to give the HD Collections for free on PS+ / Gaikai so that people have the entire series Day 1 as well as making it an impulse buy for all consumers interested in the PS4.

Plagasx2089d ago

If inFamous 3 and Killzone 4 are launch titles for PS4 I would jizz so hard.

RogueStatus282089d ago

Oh my god a new Infamous? With Cole McGrath?! and a new KillZone, Killzone 4?! :O

showtimefolks2089d ago

GG are working on Killzone 4 and a new IP. but that new IP has been in development for a little bit. E3 we should hear something

Infamous 3 isn't happening atleast not right now, i would be shocked if SP come on stage to show Infamous 3. I think they are also doing a new IP

i think going forward sony's main studios will do 2-3 games in a series than move on and sony will find a 2nd party partner to continue the franchises

that way sony gets its established game franchises and game studios get to work on newer stuff

Killzone 4

should be ready to launch with PS4. I think sony will surprise us all by showing The Last Guardian and releasing it day one with PS4. Sony sent some of its top development talent to help finish the Last Guardian.

show some new IPs at E3

release trailer for Uncharted 4
new Ratchet game done by Insomniac

RogueStatus282089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Oh my god can't wait to see a new Ratchet and Clank game get announced. or Uncharted 4 with Drake. Sony has so many AMAZING franchises.

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The story is too old to be commented.