Sawfly Studios Talk WipEout, Sony Liverpool And Moving On

"Sony closed Sony Liverpool, formerly Psygnosis, back in August last year, and with it (sadly) the team that built WipEout, amongst many others over the years, as well as much of the timeless PlayStation brand and ethos. WipEout defined PlayStation.

But Michael’s moving on, and with him a strong team of dedicated individuals, including Karl Jones, now Sawfly’s Design Director, Jon Eggelton, the company’s Art Director and Technical Director Andrew Jones. It’s a confident team, and one keen to rise from the ashes of Sony Liverpool."

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FriedGoat2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Glad to see studio Liverpool Reborn.
Such a shame this fantastic company was taken away from us. I have lots of fond memories of the wipeout games.

360ICE2184d ago

Boy, it'd be nice if they had gone back to Psygnosis. That name brings back memories :')

FriedGoat2184d ago

good old destruction derby, Thing is, when I was younger on the old atari, I didn't realise half the games were only published by them! I saw the owl and assumed they made it. They were one of the biggest game publishers in the early 90's!

DOMination-2183d ago

Yes, publishers of Lemmings developed by DMA Design aka Rockstar North. Legendary times.

VonBraunschweigg2184d ago

I just can't imagine a PS4 without a proper new WipEout game. I know the PS2 did without as Fusion was to far from the original formula, but if for example the PS4 is going to be able to render 4K graphics than there just has to be a WipEout game to showcase that.

And don't sneak up on us again and hide it somewhere in the PS store with little to no warning in advance, instead treat it with the respect it deserves as a flagship franchise...please?

Knushwood Butt2183d ago

Speaking of Evolution, what are they working on at the moment?

DOMination-2183d ago

Hopefully wipeout or a new racing IP. I personally hate the Motorstorm formula.

izumo_lee2184d ago

The majortiy of the studio merged with Evolution so there is a good chance that WipeOut will be reborn under a new studio.

It is sad to see Sony Liverpool be closed cause of Sony's current financial difficulties overall & sacrifices had to be made. Psygnosis was an awesome studio making one of my fave series like Colony Wars, wishing for a comeback for it.

Good to know the more higher ups are still employed in doing what they love so i wish this new studio of theres all the best.

Good_Guy_Jamal2184d ago

Can i get a link to that? Liverpool merging with Evolution. Not the stuff from 2010, I mean confirmation after their 2012 closure.

izumo_lee2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

There are multiple articles. This was the quickest i could find.

Oh this was from 2009...sorry i am unsure if they did merge but that was my thinking.

Kyosuke_Sanada2184d ago

I wonder if they will consider making a new Colony Wars......

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