Hands-on with Bangai-O Spirits - DS Fanboy

One of the first appointments JC Fletcher of DS Fanboy had when he got into San Francisco for GDC was with D3 Publisher. This appointment was what he was looking forward to most out of the trip, because he was going to get to play Bangai-O Spirits. And play it he did, while gushing unprofessionally at the D3 QA person giving the demo. JC did his best to learn as quickly as possible how all the new parts of Bangai-O Spirits work. It's the same as the N64 and Dreamcast games in a number of ways, but it's also very different in a few fundamental ways. Unfortunately, he didn't get to play with the sound transmission feature, one of the most different things about the game.

Head past the break for detailed impressions, and be sure to check out DS Fanboy's gallery of brand-new screens.

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