Before You Start… Tips For Playing Ni no Kuni The Best Way

There's a lot to love about Ni no Kuni, the wonderful PlayStation 3 role-playing game that came out last Tuesday.

There's also a lot to worry about. Between side quests, creature collecting, and all sorts of tricky boss battles, it can be an overwhelming game for new players. Fortunately, new players have Kotaku. Here are some helpful tips for how to maximize your Ni no Kuni experience.

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abzdine2179d ago

thanks for the advice but in Europe this perl isn't releasing before friday :/

karlowma2179d ago

These are all great tips. Using L2/R2 in combat is so much more effective than taking your thumb off the left stick. Mobility is surprisingly important in Ni No Kuni's battle system.

GribbleGrunger2179d ago

Hope you don't mind if I ask you a couple of questions. Is there an indication of whether you have ALL the familiars in a particular area? And I heard that it tells you if the level in a section is higher than you. How does it show that?

sdtarm2179d ago

I got to a new area at some point and the fairy companion told me to hurry and get to the city if i didnt want to get my ass kicked. I'm still pretty early on the game tho so idk if maybe that's what you are looking for

karlowma2179d ago

I definitely don't mind.

To my knowledge, there isn't any kind of indication that you have all the familiars from an area, but it's pretty easy to keep track of. Each area really only seems to have 4-5 familiars specific to it. And as you progress deeper in the game, the beasties you square off against are often the metamorphasized versions of the earlier ones. This might make it sound like there isn't a lot of depth to collecting familiars, but considering the low percentage chance of being able to tame creatures, and then the depth of developing and equipping them, it's still something you can spend a LOT of time on.

As to the game letting you know that you're below the level of an area, I haven't seen anything like that either. It does, of course, limit the areas which you can reach based on where you are in the story, and that, to an extent, will ensure you aren't too far outmatched, but I've still come across some areas, especially after you obtain various methods of travel, where the enemies have wiped the floor with me (and I grind a lot).

karlowma2179d ago

As an addendum, regarding the first question, you can see in the bestiary which creatures you have tamed (indicated with a heart icon), and I believe (can't check atm) you can sort the bestiary by area. This will only show creatures that you've already encountered in battle, though.

GribbleGrunger2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Much obliged fellas! :) Bubbles all round

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Merrill2179d ago

You can turn off destination markers, but there is no option to turn off hints. False info, not surprising as it is Kotaku..