Sorry Sony, It's Tough To Get People To Buy The Vita Right Now

They've got this new incentive program to get more people interested in the PlayStation Vita but at this point, it's kind of a tough sell. We need GAMES.

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Divine2141d ago

i love my vita its like a smart phone but you just cant call unless u buy the 3g version like the one i own. and skype people or something of that nature. then on top of that its the ultimate portable gaming device with graphics better than ps2. i think sony could really make a lot of sales off of this if the have more advertisement and the price drops for the wifi version to 200 and 3g to 250 . because to me getting a vita for 200 is a deal when you think about all the abilities of the vita, and what it has to offer

MmaFan-Qc2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

this article is WRONG and misleading, "Sony has announced an incentive program"

NOPE, this campaign isin't being handled by sony, they didn't even advertise it themselves. This is being handled by an external advertising company( ), one of those generic referring sites. Click the source and it proves what I'm saying. These contests are held all the time, in addition to doing the referral thing its giving you a chance to win $10k, which proves its being handled by a external advertising firm.

These kind of things happen for all consumer electronics. I've seen a few for writing surveys for the chance to win $10,000 or a wiiU, 360, ipod, iphones, android phone/tablets etc....

peoples are so blind sometime, they read something on the internet and they blow it out of proportions like a bunch of brainless sheeps.

GraveLord2141d ago

Seems like a last-ditch effort before that inevitable price cut announcement.

G-cis2140d ago

agreed,the question is:when?

DivineAssault 2141d ago

i love my vita but not many people are willing to cough up that much money on a handheld when most of them dont even know what it can do.. The advertising/marketing is horrible.. If more gamers knew what this bad boy can do & how much u get (especially w ps plus) theyd be all over it

Benjaminkno2140d ago

I want one. But the full price of admission; say three games?

You're talking over 500 bucks with the memory card?

I'm not sure I have that right.
but they're still pretty sweet.

I'd like to see full integration with Orbis.
win me back Sony!

ZoyosJD2140d ago

I got mine with AC Liberations (physical copy) for $180 and already had PS+. That's the system and AC:L, Gravity Rush, Uncharted: GA, and Wipeout 2048 the first day I bought it, with more to come like Ninja Gaiden Sigma plus today.

BTW I have been able to fit two games and a few miscellaneous apps and pics on it at any given time only using the 4GB card so far.

Even if you got the system bundled with a game, PS+, and a 32GB card it shouldn't be over $380 unless your going out of your way to spend as much as possible.

If you have such particular tastes that you don't like any of the PS+ offerings you probably need to broaden your horizons.

batbatz2140d ago

VITA would be great value if it was a bit cheaper

profgerbik2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

It already is a great value, I can bet if they didn't have the expensive memory cards no one would be complaining so much about the price of the system itself but you can blame people pirating the fucking PSP to hell for that.

Everyone complains about the price but they never mention the build of the PS Vita.

It's an excellent built portable, practically everything on it is top notch. Gorgeous OLED screen, motion sensor is super fast and responsive, the touch screen is one of the most sensitive I have ever felt more sensitive than my GS3. The back touch pad is no different, the camera quality for such a low resolution camera is excellent especially for video chatting and it has two front facing and back facing, it has two analog sticks also.. I mean jesus what more can one ask for in a handheld.

Sure it can improve but god damn I can't think of much more to add to the thing.

That is just talking about the hardware not including all the crap you can do with it or having PS+ for it.. Things that you just cannot do on any other portable, party chat, video chat, using mics in games, taking screen shots in any game.. The thing is a blast to use just for it's social features and even now the games it has are some of the best looking games ever seen on a portable also showing open scale never seen before on a portable.

People will pay $700+ for an iPhone 5 even with a contract you are still paying out the ass for that phone.. That has a slower processor an A6 dual core with no separate GPU other than the one in the processor which the Vita also has that including a 128mb GPU and a faster processor an A9 quad core that also has a built in GPU like the iPhone's.

So yea for $250 bucks you are getting a crap load. It's not like the 3DS when it was $250, imagine how I felt buying that for $250 bucks sure it's games might be great but the system can't even do half of what the Vita does realistically hardware wise and yet people are complaining about it's price that much..

3DS XL Sells for $200, are you going to say all the extra crap the Vita can do compared to the 3DS XL hardware wise is not worth the extra $50?

Not even kissing ass I just love beautifully built devices.

The Vita is like a little black Ferrari. I see the value in the device not only does it show in the hardware but the software performs just as well.

MasterCornholio2140d ago

I pretty much agree that due to the quality of the hardware i really cant see the Vita priced on the same level as the 3DS. If Sony wanted too they could have downgraded the specs and sell the device for 180€ but they didnt which may be their downfall but theres no denying that the Vita is a great portable.

But there's one thing that they need to change is the price of the memory cards. I know that one of the reasons why Sony created this format was to off set the losses from the Vita and to combat against piracy. But 99€ for a 32GB stick seems a bit to expensive to me. At most 32GBs should be priced 50€ now while that still seems expensive it is much better than the current price point of the cards.

gamingmaster20132140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )


how do you give bubbles on this website? because you deserve 50 for that comment! absolutely spot on! people complain about the price point of the psvita when the same people likely get iphones and top of the range smartphones for well over £500 which have lower specs of the vita!!!! and then they make the excuse of 'no games', if i had a pound for every person that i've seen on forums say that and also on facebook/twitter and in university i would be a very rich man. i would then say to them 'can you play PROPER fifa (it may be fifa 11.5 but its still proper fifa! compared ot the crap you get on an ipad) on your iphone etc' to shut them up.

however if there is one thing that i believe needs a price drop its the memory cards, 32gb should be lowered to £40 max

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