Game Day 2013 Teaser

Sony teases "Game Day 2013", with an update planned for Friday.

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Nitrowolf22091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

God of War?
I know we are suppose to expect a full reveal of Ascension single player demo, but I'm kind of hoping for a PS Vita announcement sometimes soon. Be it gamerday or on E3, i want a GOW Vita

NovusTerminus2091d ago

I assume so, looks like Kratos' eye color...

-Alpha2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

Heavenly Sword 2


(Probably God of War VITA)

LOGICWINS2091d ago

Yeah, before he got the ashes etched on his skin.

showtimefolks2091d ago

i think it has something to do with GOW but could also be heavenly sword 2

or maybe its GOW on Vita

gameday could be a huge momentum builder for sony heading into E3

NovusTerminus2091d ago

Why all the disagrees? :/

Heavenly Sword 2 would be awesome!

Liquid_Ocelot2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

Didn't Nariko had that bracelet-for-the-arm thing??

I say Heavenly Sword 2 #fingerscrossed

SandWitch2091d ago

I would bet my money on GOW Ascention ad rather than a new game announcement

Nimblest-Assassin2091d ago

Its obviously a trailer for God Of War Ascension that will air on the super bowl on sunday. Why do you think its called game day 2013?

You guys need to stop hyping yourselves up, you did this with the PSABR trailer, and your going to do it again

Its going to be a commercial for GOW... keep that as the expectation... if its a new game announcement, then its a pleasant surprise

BitbyDeath2091d ago

Kratos has white skin though, not caucasian.
Could be 'Until Dawn' (cause the eye makes it look like a stalker) or a new IP

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sinncross2091d ago

I am going to assume its just for GoWA.

Though if its for something new, then I am all in.,

-Alpha2091d ago

Seems cruel to tease a game we already know about.

Y_51502091d ago

@Alpha This seems to be the same thing as they did for All Stars.

LOGICWINS2091d ago

Sony announcing a free digital Vita version of Ascension with purchase of the PS3 version would be HUGE!!!

yeahokchief2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

he's fired up!

can't wait to rip more heads off and destroy all that stands in my way. good times ahead.

yes its the same eyes. BUT if you look closely at the color of his skin, it seems as though he is not covered in her ashes yet. he is not the ghost of sparta yet. It could be that this is him remembering her before he gets killed and is granted power by Ares.

I'm wondering if this is him simply dreaming of her or seeing her in Elysium.

The whole eye flash thing makes me want to watch LOST again.

Nitrowolf22091d ago

thing is though, like others pointed, shouldn't it be red? He got the bruise by Ares when he was just a child

Exquisik2091d ago

I know a lot of people that would pick up a Vita just for GoW alone! Would be nice if they would port GoW Collection to the Vita.

Although I am kind of disappointed that this news isn't about NFL GameDay! When I first saw the title I thought Sony was going back to making NFL/football game since EA NFL License expires this year. I missed the good old days of GameDay 2000, Madden 04, and NFL 2k5.

2091d ago
Faztkiller2091d ago

GOW superbowl ad maybe that would be cool

PinkFunk2091d ago

Same day as my birthday, no big deal... Just the same day as my birthday is all. But definitely not a big deal...

BIRTHDAY [email protected]%@flfifl

ElitaStorm2090d ago

maybe its a god of war and heavenly sword mixed game
the girl and kratos

vegetassj512090d ago

You can tell its for God of War, I think that is his wife and you can see the ashes falling, and I think the eye was Krato's before the ashes covered his body.

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Mac is OK2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

There should be red paint over his eye then. I think it's something else.

Lior2091d ago

My vita will stay collecting dust until something actually worth playing comes out

-Falaut-2091d ago

Look, you made a comment. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Here is a cookie, let me wipe that dirst off your face. Now run along and play.

r212091d ago

I feel sad for your vita. There are other games to play and yet you let it breathe in the dust :C

vlonjati772091d ago

Lior-You must derive from a dirty family then.

Godchild10202091d ago

I love Sony's live action trailers. Their marketing team has gotten better.

Y_51502091d ago

%100 God of war related!

1. Lady seems to be his wife.
2. Ashes starts falling while she approaches.
3. That eye shown in the teaser is in fact Kratos eye color.

Chevalier2091d ago

Yep, that was exactly what I was thinking when I saw it. His skin isn't painted white yet would be the other clue, if you look at skin around his eyes.

Y_51502091d ago

Remember, this could be a flashback before he had the ashes on his skin. Also When it showed the date. It said "February I, 2013" Roman numeral refers to God of war aswell and how the font looks gives it away aswell!

Riderz13372091d ago

That can't be Kratos. There's no red paint near his eye.

Ezz20132091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

kratos had a red paint near his left eye
even before the white ashes
that's not kratos

negroguy2091d ago

Legend of Dragoon 2 with new female character. (Just let me imagine)

Chevalier2091d ago

Kk then to follow up I imagine Dark Cloud 3.....

Heisenburger2091d ago


^_^ ……………… T_T

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