Dead Space 3's micro-transactions explained; meant for inexperienced players "Players that want to speed up the process will have the option to buy certain resources by using in-game currency or PlayStation dollars/Microsoft points, while the more powerful weapon parts can only be earned through play. Purchasing items is not required at any point in the game."

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Reborn2087d ago

Isn't having a difficulty selection, good enough? Poor justification for money grabbing.

dazzrazz2087d ago Show
Rainstorm812087d ago

Every EA game has these fast track microtransaction items (from FIFA to NFS)..., Why are u guys surprised?

Daavpuke2087d ago

Even if that IS the explanation, it's a punishment for players that "suck" and thus need to PAY for their inexperience? That is downright cynical. Dead Space 3 isn't played in the arcade halls; you paid the admission price already.

2pacalypsenow2087d ago

2k game has this too in nba 2k13 you can buy coins with real money and get a my player ovr 99 in like 2 minutes

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The story is too old to be commented.