"Apple's New Dual Processor Game Console"

"This week, Apple unveiled a new dual processor, handheld gaming platform with stereo surround sound and a bright, 30 frames per second color display. The company also announced that it created an instant installed base of players by secretly distributing millions of the new devices over the last year."

I have been wondering if the only companys that where going to be in gameing devices would be Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. Well its very well possible to see Apple to join in. Who knows apple may even bring in a video game console or choose a new interesting path in gaming.

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The Milkman5906d ago (Edited 5906d ago )

This better not have already been posted lol. Cause it is kind of old but I just so... BLAH!

THAMMER15905d ago

My mother in law was right. Apple is going to get into video games. I would be happy to see what they have to offer. They mite give M$ and $ony better comp.

Arkham5905d ago

"M$" and "$ony". Hey, that's a good one! Did you come up with that, or did your non-profit friends at $Apple help?

Arkham5905d ago

Unfortunately it looks like this is just a going to be a collection of micro-payment cell-phone-quality games. Though, I love $nakes, $pace Invader$, and Tetri$. ;)

GRUNT5905d ago

This IS going to make microsoft go mobile

calderra5905d ago

I disagree- Arkham was right on. The iPod will simply have (more?) cell-phone-type games. Wahoo. So will Zune, more than likely.

It's not really a handheld until it's doing more than pay-for-play cell phone systems.

Jak4ever5905d ago

Your late buddy, TREO 700W is MS based already.