Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Review

Philippe Baghdassarian: I finally got some free time this weekend and gave Ni no Kuni a try. A try, that's what I said at first, I ended up playing it for 14 hours straight until I realized it was 8 in the morning``

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VsAssassin2182d ago

Great score of course! However, how come perfect scores like this doesn't get included in Metacritic?

nzk02182d ago

I would love to but I don't think my website has enough tenure for me to write as a critic, or they they have some kind of submission panel?

WeAreLegion2182d ago

I've done a couple of articles on MetaCritic. After a lot of research and a LOT of rejected interviews, I've concluded that it's all very political. You want to get on MetaCritic? You'll need some money and/or connections. After all, GameSpot is on MetaCritic. Why? They're old. They're well-known. That doesn't give them any clout or credentials. They've just been there. The Academy is the same way.

TornRaptor2182d ago

Yep and there both owned by CBS Interactive so that kind of helps also.

MikeMyers2181d ago

This game is going to be hard to get in my area just like when I was trying to get Demon Souls. Now with all these high scores it might be even harder to get.

GribbleGrunger2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

I've been saying that for ages! But there are currently two perfect scores for this game on Metacritic! At last.

Ezz20132182d ago

the game have 103 review with 89% N4G metascore

yet metacritic only have 43 review with 87% meta

the game is AAA and i don't need metacritic to tell me that

TornRaptor2182d ago

Right on! play the games you want to play. Metacritic be damned.

leahcim2181d ago

I know it really really annoying and I easily can count more than 30 perfect reviews out there

mayberry2182d ago

29 hours in so far ! Great game!

sandman2242182d ago

I'm downloading the demo right now. I'm excited to try this masterpiece out.

DivineAssault 2182d ago

The demo doesnt do it justice man.. I didnt care for the demo too much but when i bought it & got around 8 hours in, it was something i knew i would never sell/trade.. around 31hrs in right now

Romudeth2182d ago

The name of the site this review's from isn't in the title.

Dunpeal2182d ago

the internet is usually an equal, if not better, consensus than metacritic IMO. I rarely look to metacritic. you can gauge a game's worth by ppl's comments on it

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