Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 8 fully revealed

The latest Minecraft Xbox 360 Version update has been announced with over 40 fixes, with a hopeful release set for this month.

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skyrim2091d ago

wheres my jungle biome?

Knight_Crawler2090d ago

So when do we get to go to the end to fight the dragon?

Reverent2090d ago

Ikr... My friend makes me play Minecraft splitscreen with him all the time on Xbox, and I always give him crap for it being no where near as good as the PC version, but I still do hope that the Xbox version becomes as fully-featured someday.

NameRemoved00172090d ago

It will never be the same as PC version even if they get everything from the pc version in it they still have the small map limiations while PC maps are HUGE.

TheCrazyMerc2090d ago

I want to know if its possible to just increase the player size to 16. I think that would be the best update, but we can only hope...