Metal Gear Solid 4 boxarts revealed

Metal Gear Solid 4 is now officially confirmed for release on 12 june 2008 and also revealed for the first time are boxarts for both the standard edition and limited edition.

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sonarus3976d ago

i don't like the red one i prefer the other one. going fot the limited edition though.

DViOUS1ONE3976d ago

If I'm dreaming I want everyone to DISAGREE with me so I can wake up

krackchap3976d ago

LE coming on 2 bluray discs

HeartlesskizZ3976d ago

im pre ordering the limited edition =D


CRIMS0N_W0LF3976d ago

What does LE Holds? I can't find a site to pre order limited edition!

krackchap3976d ago

all the trailers, making of mgs 4 and some more

ravinash3976d ago

Yeap, I now need a change of pants.

Zomgbie3976d ago

Honestly the limited edition bonuses arn't that great. I was hoping for something better.

But whatever, I'm still buying the LE because it looks better.

superman3976d ago

1st game i ever buy limited edition of