Dead Space 3: Demo Impressions [] "There are limits as to how scary a demo can possibly be, so it's important to keep in mind that the trial which Dead Space 3 offers is more meant to deliver on a gameplay level rather than an atmospheric one."

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mephman2088d ago

It'll be interesting to see if the co-op ruins the horror element this game had.

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Torchwood42088d ago

Really want to finally get into this series, but DS 3 really doesn't do much to interest me anything for me. Still great stuff with the preview!

mephman2088d ago

Probably best to start off with the original if you're going to start anywhere.

kostchtchie_2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

don't bother, after a great first game the series just goes down hill with 2, and 3 finally finishes it off

EA have ruined all there good new IP with garbage sequels this gen

MysticStrummer2088d ago

I'd start off with the first. The haters will tell you the others are trash, when DS2 was actually better than the first and no one has played DS3 enough to make that judgement. Based on the demo for DS3, it looks like more of the same to me so idk what all the whining is about. It has been the generation of whining though.

kostchtchie_2088d ago

better than one? ha ha your are on some good crack, but then it was tailored for people like you the ACTION FANS.... and from the demo it tells you exactly who they are targeting again you ACTION FANS....

DeadSpaced2088d ago

Another thing that's interesting is that the demo wasn't actually representing a level. The developers cut and pasted certain sections and simplified it just to show off the new features.

MysticStrummer2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Yeah but that doesn't stop the haters from doing their thing and passing judgement based on the demo

kostchtchie_2088d ago

that is all people like you ever use HATERS, we just don't like the direction EA took with survival horror and changed it into Hollywood action film for the BRO DUDES.. need ammo bro here you go bro...shit take cover we got necrosis shooting guns..... YEAH FUCKING EPIC /s... i am glad you like it, it was ruined and tailored for people like you

dgonza402088d ago

The demo is supposed to be representative of the game ._. Pretty fair to judge it on that.

The whole demo felt uninspired, neither scar nor exciting.