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[Editor's Note: The following is a review of the US version of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, previously reviewed the Japanese version and gave it full marks]

This collaboration between Studio Ghibli and Level-5 has produced a beautiful tale of friendship, courage, and adventure that covers multiple age groups and brings older gamers back to a time when they first started to fall in love with RPGs.

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Merrill2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

I'm about 25 hours into this game, and while it's good, it is not a 10/10.

It has issues, it's way to easy in some respects and way to difficult in others. It holds your hand with basically everything in the game and then without warning drops overly leveled enemies on you(even after I grinded levels)

I'm gradually losing my patience with it.

The battle system is frustrating with non existent AI in your battle buddies, you're almost better to let them die half the time, as they have no idea what to do and never block an attack.

The game is good step forward after so many steps back in the genre, but it still needs a lot of improving.


GribbleGrunger2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Can I ask, what level do you have to be above the enemies for them to start running away on the world map?

Merrill2141d ago

It usually happens if you grind for a bit or are close to finishing that area of the map.

GribbleGrunger2141d ago

Thanks. I'm more of a grinder than a tactician and enjoy adventuring/investigating. My only worry was that it would be spoilt by being attacked for far too long. Looks like I'll be grinding it out and capturing familiars before I start exploring an area.

Summons752141d ago

Grinding and capturing familiars really go hand in hand really well. In the beginning I was really dreading grinding because you get low experience. Once I was able to collect familiars I went up 3 levels without realizing it because I was so caught up in trying to catch one particular familiar, been through like 100 battles of the boneheads but still can't catch one...anyone know the capture rate of them? or does the walkthrough give the percents for each familiar? I'd pick it up but it's 40 bucks and not worth my time if that information isn't in it, I don't care about story help or anything and can't find it on a web search yet.

izumo_lee2141d ago

I am 15 hours into the game (lvl.30) & i found the battles managable if you have the right familiars in your party with the right equipment. Sometimes equiping a weaker weapon with elemental abilities can really help more than a stronger weapon.

Adjusting the AI tactics can go a long way to survive a stronger enemey. Often it is a good idea to use Oliver in boss battles cause often the boss will chase Oliver around ignoring your other members. Happened to me with the Genie, Column, & Volcano Guardian battles.

Once you get the 'party defend' ability is a godsend cause it really helps, cause i understand your frustration with you party not defending much at all.

Yes there are faults but these are so minimal compared to what the game has to offer. Remember this is a love letter to the JRPGs of the NES/SNES/PSone era where there are constant difficulty spikes cause you were underleveled or went somewhere you shouldn't have.

Merrill2141d ago

I compare all jrpg's to Final Fantasy II, III & Chrono Trigger. If only that magic could be once again realized...

Julie2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

I am lvl 65ish, 0 issues with the battles, i feed/evolve/equip and lvl my characters/imajins and so much fun! 0 deaths btw :p
Also all sidequests no quest left behind! story is no oscar worthy but does his job :)

AI is ok Merril just set Esther to provide backup and attack the same monster, and as izumo said ye will get all out block thingy soon also the game opens soon and the grinding for crafting materials/lvls/weapons/secret bosses awaits ya!(etc etc lol too much stuff to do).

*Goes back to the fun*!

Seraphemz2141d ago

You need to use the all out defense when you want them to block...

It would frustrate me too, because most of the time they would die.. but using all out defense has worked that

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negroguy2141d ago

Love this game and pray they make a second. The world it is set in is mesmerizing and the art style is perfect for my taste. The amount of detail they put into this game and the content is refreshing for today's standards. The one thing I have a small problem with was that the constant heart swapping, wish I didn't have to watch the animation every time but other than that i'm having a blast 30 hours in.

DivineAssault 2141d ago

Its a great game but 9/10 is more suitable review imo.. It has its flaws however its one of if not the best jrpg this gen

Merrill2141d ago

At this point in the game, for me it's more like a 8. By far the best JRPG I have played all generation. As long as you don't count Demon's or Dark Souls.

izumo_lee2141d ago

@ Summons75

Unfortunately the taming of Familiars is random. I've heard in the DS version the odds of catching a Familiar depends on ones level. The higher you are the better chance to catch a lower leveled one.

With the PS3 version there is no percentage, it is all based on luck. Sometimes you can catch something right away, often it'll take quite awhile. In one instance while doing a quest in Al Mamoon, looking for a Floret & a Buncher it took at least 20+ tries to catch both of them. It didn't help that i was at high level & the enemies started to run away from me :P.

I heard the podcast from Game Revolution that in a later quest one of the guys said it took 6 hrs to catch a rare monster, not sure if he was exaggerating but he did say that the battles were enjoyable he didn't really notice.

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