Crytek's new Austin studio could be a second chance for Vigil

GS;The newly-formed Crytek USA Corp. will be located in Austin, Texas, and headed by CEO David Adams, the former GM and co-owner of local developer Vigil.

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nrvalleytime2092d ago

Fantastic news. These guys deserved to keep working, and Crytek actually seems like a good fit for them.

adorie2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Glad they're finding jobs, but Crytek... I dunno. They're under EA, so why am I supposed to be happy about this again? Oh, right, the jobs. Happy for them, sad for us.

EA didn't buy them, NYC_Gamer? So I can be happy for us too?! :D!?

NYC_Gamer2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Crytek= independent..They only partner with EA and others for publishing.


Nope,Crytek is still independent.

Knight_Crawler2092d ago

Alot of people were moaning about Vigil not getting bought up but its cheaper to just build a new studio and get the ex employees from Vigil instead of purchasing the Vigil studio name with all the employees.

Reborn2092d ago

Good news.

Should be interesting to see what they put out. Considering the freedom, they may possibly have.

NYC_Gamer2092d ago

I'm happy that Vigil workers have found new jobs

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2092d ago

Great talent + great engine = :)

FarCryLover1822092d ago

Good job Crytek, keep up the good work.

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The story is too old to be commented.