Fan-made Cloverfield game is coming

The good people over at are already hip deep in making what looks to be an at least decent looking Cloverfield game for the PC. While the game's focus of snapping images of the Cloverfield monster and its tiny bug like minions is kind of lame, it does look pretty creepy. Check out their test videos.

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M_Prime3891d ago

So i get to control the crappy camera.. i hope my character has a steady hand..


how many falls did that camera take? i mean a regular camera wouldn't have survived that.. and it was a JVC right? have you ever used on at the party.. 1/2 hour into the party you need to recharge that battery... especially when using fancy features like NIGHTVISION.

Lets face it.. i don't think that there is much going for this game.. the movie was okay but i wanted to strangle the camera guy! many many many times.. (though i didn't get motion sickness.. alot of people did)

gamesblow3890d ago

I thought Clover field was insidiously $#ITTY for so many reasons... I mean, here you have a giant monster in and even bigger city and everywhere the main cast happens to be the monster just happens to be.

Whatever... It was stupid.

If the monsters "here" ... bet your sack lunch I'm going to be ------------------------------ -------------------------> (over here) It made no palpable sense. Just silly... Stupid and silly.

okcomputer3890d ago

I'm with you 100% man, Cloverfield was terrible. While it wasn't the absolute worst movie I've ever seen, it came damn close.

Daver3890d ago

What are you guys talking about... Cloverfield was an awesome movie... You feel like if you were with them in the action... Cant wait to buy it on Bluray hopefully :)

Danja3890d ago

Cloverfield was horrible I felt cheated when I saw it in theaters should have went straight to DVD/Blu Ray utter crap no plot , nothing....the only thing that would have made my movie experience better was if they handed out 3d-glasses so I could get motion sickness...

Premonition3890d ago

I liked cloverfield for me it made me stay in the action, I guess some people just dont try to get into the movie hard enough to see how good it is, and theres another movie using its idea, that zombie movie i forgot what its called.

gamesblow3890d ago

Diary of the dead has been apart oF George Romero's film inceptions since the night of the living dead remake. He had wanted to shoot the movie thru a cams perspective even before Blair witch... Sorry.

However, all of these concepts are lifted from 84 charlie mopic... Check it out and you'll see a great war movie behind it all. It's a trip.

OoOLeafsOoO3889d ago

yep, I am the NPC Dialog writer for this game :D :D :D