Breaking down whether the PS Orbis or Xbox Durango will be more powerful

Gimme Gimme Games looks at the most popular rumored specifications of Sony and Microsoft's next-gen consoles and gives their take on which may be more powerful in the end.

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mrbojingles2091d ago

If only everyone could. I plan to as well, though I'll probably only get one this year, the other later.

AngelicIceDiamond2091d ago

Same here, I want the full next gen experience.

Npugz72091d ago

I will get whoever releases first! And the other next year.looks like they are going to be roughly the same in power.

Droid Control2091d ago

I think I'll get the PS4.
I don't trust M$ anymore since I feel they've betrayed the hardcore. That, plus I'm tired of paying for LIVE.

Gildarts2090d ago

Im getting the 720 because im tired of Sony crashing their servers every 2 months and getting my credit card number stolen..Twice!

THC CELL2091d ago

Just ps4 for me. Dissagree all u like it will be the better console even of it was less powerful than the Xbox720 fact

Muerte24942091d ago

getting an Orbis first tambien!

godslayer4292091d ago

durango? thats the most retarded name for a console iv ever heard

Muerte24942091d ago

it's only the codename until Microsoft makes an official announcement. C'mon Sony and give us voice commands with playstation 4 aka Orbis.

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