Black Ops 2: Treyarch Aware of Freezing Issue When Checking Profiles In-Game

GR - "For those who've been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 since launch, you might have encountered a little annoying bug that makes the game stutter and freeze when checking player profiles while in the game."

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ZombieKiller2141d ago

Don't worry guys! They're aware of it! I guess that makes it ok 2 months after release since they turned down the idea of a beta....oh wait, they did have a beta....COD Elite...where they made people pay for it....and it was on 360. That counts right?!


Mr_cheese2141d ago

Its a shame that games get released full of bugs. :(

lovegames7182141d ago

Lets hope GTA5 isnt as boring as GTA4.

ZombieKiller2140d ago

GTA 4 was awesome. Get a party together, bunker down with a heli and take people out as a team in free roam. its lots of fun.

pixelsword2141d ago

It's confusing to put the PS3 logo for the pic when the story says both consoles have issues, but the writer isn't clear whether the PS3 also freezes or not:

"Not sure if this is the same issue with other platforms, but for the PS3, checking someone's profile or even fiddling with menus when the match starts results in the first few seconds stuttering and getting a "Connection Interrupted" message pop up twice."

"While this isn't the only bug in the game right now, Treyarch did release a massive patch that's already live on the Xbox 360. Sadly, this freezing issue is not one of the things resolved."

So, do both consoles freeze, or is it just the 360? It sounds like the PS3 stutters while the 360 freezes, but since neither is specifically listed as to which does what and which doesn't other than the PS3 stutters, it makes this article a little hard to get an informative take on the situation.

unchartedxplorer2141d ago

Treyarch is clearly having a foursome with Microsoft, Bethesda and infinity ward.

Tctczach2141d ago

It literally just happened to me and I have a 360. Screen gets blurry and your controller doesnt work until the match is over.

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