What major next-gen exclusives should we expect when next-gen launches?

Analysis of the major first party titles that could sneak up through the launch line-up of the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles or at least close to their launch.

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StrongMan2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

For MS it's easy:

Halo/Gears/Forza/Dance Central 4

For Sony it's hard to say but I'll take a stab at it:

Infamous 3
New IP from Guerrilla games(makers of Killzone)
Uncharted 4
New IP from Media Molecule(makers of LBP)
MLB: The Show 14
New IP from Santa Monica(makers of God of War)
Gran Turismo 5
New Syphon Filter
New IP from Evolution Studios(makers of Motorstorm)

The possibilities are endless with Sony.

guitarded772179d ago

I don't think they'll launch with all those games in one shot...

I'm 99% sure PS4 will have WipeOut at launch since the development of a WipeOut game was uncovered, and they have launched with a WipeOut game on every PS console and handheld except the PS2.

Sony will have at least 1, maybe 2 but hitters at launch like KZ4 or something else.

MS is actually harder to pinpoint. They have pretty much all of their studios working on 720 if the lack of upcoming games for 360 is anything to go off of.

They will have the same sports titles at launch, if they launch at the same time, and there's always a race game or two at launch.

I agree that new IP's will be coming out at the beginning of the console generation. It forces early adopters to check them out while the catalog is small for the new hardware.

Sony is good about new IP's at launch, but I wouldn't shut out MS. We know they have studios, and we know they don't have too much planned for the 360 in the near future, which leads me to believe they are working on 720 games.

I'm also interested to know what kind of downloadable games each will have at launch.

h0stile2179d ago

As for download only games, WipeOut is a pretty good bet for Sony.

Regarding some new MS exclusive IP, I've always been the advocate of the idea that MS desperately needs more of them. Also, I wouldn't bet a new Fable would cut it for the launch, though it's one more exclusive from their part.