SimCity Beta Impressions (

Elizabeth from Writes:

"The closed beta for EA and Maxis’ SimCity ended yesterday. For those lucky enough to obtain a code, you have probably already put in some time. Others who might still be on the fence and unable to play the beta might wonder just what this upcoming city-management sim has to offer. We at Vivid Gamer managed to get our hands dirty with the weekend beta."

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rrquinta3662d ago

I missed the beta but it's exciting to have a new Sim City title coming out. It is a shame about the always-on DRM and that you have to use Origin, though.

dwightmccarthy3662d ago

Hmm always online drm might get annoying at some point. But I do like that it ran well on a laptop if i ever wanted to play away from home.

Raf1k13662d ago

The price for the deluxe version is far too high IMO. I only got to play it a little but it seems they've dumbed bits down like no more laying pipelines down.

TheoreticalParticle3662d ago

Hm... Origin... I haven't bought or installed an EA PC game since they started with this BS.

brandonb213662d ago

i played the beta... im kinda diapointed on the smalll space you have to play your beta

Julie3662d ago

Ya cities are way too small :(